Firewood 2022

We drove to a remote part of the Colville National Forest to find a spot to fell some trees for our kids’ wood supply.

To clarify and answer some questions: There is a usual $30 permit fee you need to obtain to cut down trees in the forest. The last 2 years the fee was waved. These are standing dead trees that you can cut. They require you to cut your lengths to 7-1/2 feet so that you aren’t processing lumber, as such, but using the wood for heating purposes.

It was a new adventure for four of us. Dear and Dan have done this a few times.

All the proper gear was loaded in the trucks. We were far enough away that the grands really didn’t need their ear protection.

Keeping a good distance away from the location that the trees would fall upon.


Chaps and gloves and ear protection are all important along with common sense.

Bear spray, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment were loaded, if needed.

The first sections ready to load at about 7-1/2 feet. Smaller rounds will be cut at home.

Addy was not happy about all the Dear Flies, none of us were! They were annoying for sure.

A little time in the shade.

These two persevered for the 4 hours or so out in the wilderness with entertainment from their own imaginations. There were lots of snacks and water, too. On the way home after singing a few rounds of ‘I’ve been working on the Railroad’ they both fell asleep and had a nice little nap but once home they were raring to go!

JJ found his tractor and trailer and was ready to haul some wood if needed.

The two old folk stopped on the way home for a quick bite to eat and then went home for a cool shower and to put their feet up! We are thankful that we can be a help to our kids when needed.