Say Cheese!

On Monday Dear and I headed over to our kids’ place to help out. My help was of the play and cuddly kind. Addy found this little camera in her toy chest and we had some hilarious fun with it. She gave me instructions on where to stand when she was going to take a photo of me. Too cute. She’s learned a lot from those who want photos of her.

She got her work clothes on and sun hat on so she could work in the garden with her mama. I stayed inside and watched and cuddled Jaymison.

After lunch Addy got to choose one small lollipop to enjoy. She got a stash of candy from the Kettle Falls Parade this past Saturday. Her first experience with candy galore! She wanted to see her red tongue so Dear took this photo of her.

I’m flying to the Coast today and will be in Canada tomorrow so if you don’t hear from me you’ll know why. Looking forward to seeing our Coast kids and the “Girls” in Canada.