So Far So Good

We are heading to another follow-up appointment for my eye this morning. Just had to show you the new improved shades they gave me to wear to protect my dilated eye. Laura took this glamour shot before she flew back to Seattle on Saturday. My sister and her hubby arrived on Saturday evening and have been here for a couple days. Aunt Lana was a big hit with Addy but she is a bit undecided on Steve. She made great lengths to give him a wide berth. She and Lana bowled in our hallway, played the piano, played with blue sand and had a fabulous time.

Before we all head out the door today for Spokane and beyond we have to take a sister photo. I’ll share that later.

Happy Monday y’all.

UPDATE: My checkup was all good news. No more restrictions. I can dust if I want to. No more of the dilating drops, the other drops will continue but at fewer intervals. 

Thank you for all your encouraging comments and prayers for my healing.