Fall, Leaves, fall…

By now the maple tree in our neighbor’s yard has probably dropped all it’s leaves. We will have our final yard clean-up when we return to the Seattle area.

In the meantime, we have had 3 full days with different members of my family working hard in Huntington Beach to get my sister’s home ready to sell. Some may think that it’s too soon to do this sort of thing but when you have so many of us gathered who are willing and able you go with the flow. Also a smaller more manageable home will be the best thing for my sister. Twenty one of us walked down the block from my sister’s house on Saturday night when our work day ended to order Mexican food at a storefront takeaway. We were a sight! This wasn’t an I’ll cook for you kind of weekend!

Cousins enjoying each others company while working and reminiscing.

Half of our kids arrived on Saturday from Washington and the rest arrive today. Our new daughter in law will meet my pop for the first time tonight. More joy and sorrow times. Tomorrow we gather for Nick’s funeral services and reception in Riverside.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and that you are trusting the God of the universe!