Signs of My Life – #2

This was taken a few years ago when I re-united with a good friend of mine from high school. I graduated from this high school in Southern California in 1968.

I’m flying out on the O-dark-thirty flight to John Wayne Airport in Southern California for a few days with my pop, siblings and nieces and nephews. My family is Russian and this sign that says no to Vodka is part of my upbringing, too. Russian yes, but Vodka no, growing up. Some things stay the same and some things change.

These were all places that were part of my life growing up in Pico Rivera and Montebello.

On Sundays coming home from church we sometimes stopped at 31 Flavors Ice Cream and we were able to choose 3 scoops! That’s was quite a treat for us. In junior high school Currie Ice Cream was across the street and we were able to go off campus and get lunch there if we had 35 cents for a hot dog and chips. The Garmar theater is the first walk in theater that I saw a movie in. Garduno’s was a fast food stand that was a favorite in high school where we had open campus, too, for our lunch time. Good Mexican food and pastrami.

I’ll have lots to share from my family time when I get back home. Hope everyone is doing well.

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