Christmas Home Tour ~ 2009

Welcome to the Tour of Christmas homes in Bloggy World. Our home is ready and waiting for your visit.

The reason there is a Christmas to celebrate with joy!



“I seem to see the Christmas Star that filled the world with light”


My clothes pin Christmas card holder is still waiting for greetings from near and far…


Grab a cup of cocoa and don’t worry about spilling…all the floors in my house need replacing.

Here’s a garland to remind you that you’re visiting the Northwest.

Joy is the theme of Christmas here. We want to feel the wondrous joy of that first Christmas.





Some of our Vintage Christmas…


This year my tree does not have all our ornaments on it. Just enough so it doesn’t look bare.


This will be the first Christmas in 28 years that our son Dan will not be here for Christmas.

We’ll miss his presence but we are happy for his new future and are looking forward to being together next Christmas…Lord willing.


We’ll all miss seeing your face Dan! We love you and miss you!



Every Christmas morning for as long as we all can remember Dear mixes up his mother’s recipe for Swedish Pancakes and cooks them for us all. He uses the 2 pan method so none of us have to wait too long for the next hot one!  How we all look forward to this tradition! Thank you Dear!

Last year after Christmas I was on a mission to find some substantial nativity sets since all we had was a tiny wooden one. We ended up with this more traditional one above and this one…


“As with gladness men of old
Did with guiding light behold-
As with joy they hailed it’s light,
Leading onward, beaming bright-
So, most gracious Lord, may we
Evermore be led to Thee”

Merry Christmas to all who visit here. Thank you for stopping by.  Blessings on you and yours!

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Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.

2008 Christmas Tour of Homes

It’s time for Boo Mama’s 2008 Tour of Homes. You can travel all over the world and see homes all decked out for the most wonderful time of the year.

A very warm welcome to you from ellen b.  in Washington State and Southern California.

The tree above is our first annual Mystery Tree. I started a new tradition last year. I walk into Home Depot look at all the tied and wrapped trees, pick one without unwrappping it, bring it home all wrapped up, and surprise our Mystery tree is unveiled and we can laugh or cry at what we ended up with. Actually it’s quite fun to pick a tree this way. Good way to lighten up during the season…


Like many of your homes Jesus is at the center of our Christmas celebrations and Joy! This is what you’ll see at our entry in Washington.


And this is from our condo  in Southern California.


Let me serve you a festive drink and some chocolates and let’s start our tour before I serve dinner. These chocolates are the easiest things in the world to make. Just melt 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1 bag of butterscotch chips then throw in some pecans or walnuts or whatever nut you like, spoon them onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and let them cool and voila you have candy. I’m so darn sorry I forgot whose blog I saw these on. If you happen to visit here let me know if it was you and I’ll give you credit!!


Another collage of my little fake Christmas tree with lights that I bought for the condo from a local thrift store here in Camarillo, California. I’m usually in the State of Washington the whole month of December and only put up a tree there but this year is different and we’re not flying to Washington till Christmas day so we need something at the condo so people won’t think we are part of the Grinch family!

Now if you visit us in Washington I could serve you at this table.


Or from this Christmas table in Southern California.


Here is what I will be serving and what is part of our traditional Christmas Eve meal.


We’ll have a Rib Roast, Creamed Corn, something green, and Yorkshire Pudding. (Ok, it used to confuse me that they called Yorkshire Pudding pudding when it’s not pudding but a popover type bread that you bake using the hot drippings from the roast, I’m way over it now. You can make it in any pan but I bought this great popover pan that works great for them.)  After dinner we can sit by the fireplace and enjoy the tree with a cup of cocoa or coffee. If you stay for Christmas morning we’ll have those yummy Swedish Pancakes above that Dear makes for us every Christmas morning after we open our stocking gifts…


Now for some of the people God has put in our lives to share all the wonder of Christmas with…


I’d like to introduce you to our family. Our daughter Katie and DIL Laura. Our oldest son Josh with Dear. Our son Dan. Josh and his wife, our DIL, Laura. Another shot of our son Dan. Dan and Katie live in our home in Washington and take care of it while Dear and I are living in California. Josh and Laura live in Washington, too.


More shots of the family and extended family. The top left photo is of my sister Lana G! and I. She has a tour happening at her blog too, Above the Clouds . We have a great time blogging and tablescaping together. Dear, our daughter Katie, and me at Molbaks in front of the Poinsettia Christmas tree, Our girls…Katie and Laura, ellen b. and Dear at our 34th wedding anniversary celebration.

Thank you for taking my tour and meeting some of my family…

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Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007 to 2015 hostage and has replaced them all with ugly black and grey boxes asking for a ransom to have them re-published. Such a frustrating bother as I go through each post to delete the ugly boxes.