Woody Woodpecker

Seems like it’s time for these babes to be out flying on their own.

These Peckers chose a tree stump in our front yard to nest in.

I was wondering if mama is inside getting food from daddy for the baby woodpeckers.

She seems to be telling him a thing or two.

Our satellite internet has been extremely slow and uploading photos takes a lot of time. Sigh.

I had a couple projects with a twist on my agenda today and mowing the lawns is on the agenda for tomorrow. Hope to get around to any new posts in blogland on Wednesday evening. Half of July is in the record books. Hope it’s going well for you.


nests-floorsNot only has our nest seen some upheaval but the nest a little bird built in one of our arborvitae was upturned by something. So sad for the bird. Our upheaval will have a good result.


Here’s what the nest should look like.

P1040290Our floors are stripped down to the car decking in our kitchen area.


On Thursday our wood flooring will be delivered. On Friday we’ll move the refrigerator to our living room and the island to our deck. On Saturday major prep work will be done and then next Tuesday the new floors are scheduled to go in over a 3 day period. Then we’ll move everything back in place on the wood floor areas before we have to move everything out of our bedrooms for the new carpeting. August is really going to be a lovely month of new calm with everything back in place on new floors!

So that’s life isn’t it? The calm, the storm, the recovery and on it goes…

What stage are you in?