Winter Sunshine and Celebrations…

We had two beautiful sunshine filled days last week and one of them landed on Katie and Andrew’s Anniversary. Dear was in Orlando for a conference so Katie and I decided on a waterfront restaurant to have her anniversary dinner.

Anthony'sWe ended up at Anthony’s Home Port in Kirkland on Lake Washington.

P1040926We got a very good dose of Vitamin D sitting with the sunshine streaming through.




P1040916Can you feel the heat?

So many people were out and about enjoying the weather that it was impossible to get out of the restaurant parking lot. We had to find a different route home because of the stream of traffic traveling along the Lake road.

On Friday we traveled east across the Cascade Mountain range to spend the weekend with our son in Eastern Washington. I’ll share our interesting travel experience in a day or two.

The Mystery Tree…

…the tradition continues!

Mystery tree rules…

Go to nearest most convenient place that sells lots of trees. We went to Home Depot.

Pick a bundled tree, throw it on the cart and pay for it. Do not unwrap it!

Bring it home as is and saw off a little of the bottom of the trunk and bring it into the house to the desired tree location.

Cut off the string.

Voila! See what you got! Not bad. Pour water in the Christmas tree stand.

See if the angel fits on top…

Put the lights on the tree. Vacuum excess dry needles off floor. I’ll be waiting a day to let the branches settle a bit before I put on the rest of the decorations and the tree skirt.

This is the best stress free Christmas tree purchasing method that we have enjoyed for the last few years. We had the years of going to Christmas tree lots trying to find the perfect tree at the best price. I would make Dear pull out tree after tree and turn it this way and that. You get the picture. Oye! A few years when the kids were little we trekked out to a Christmas tree farm and cut down the tree we chose. That was fun when the kids were little. Now in our empty nest years I find this method to be very relaxing…

Tonight we are going out to a new to us restaurant called Cantinetta¬† for our Anniversary Dinner. Another mystery that I’m sure will end up as good as our tree! Hope you have a good week…