Relationship Building

It is so sweet to see the bond forming between sister and brother. Praying they can always be good friends and watch out for each other.

Addy kept her brother company until mommy was free. Sweet snuggles.

Today I found this book on our bookshelf and thought it would be fun to read it with Addy some time. The book is called First Steps For Little Feet in Gospel Paths.

I could not find that the book was copyrighted so I’m sharing some pages from the book.

Did you get the answers right? Smile. I have seen the moon sometimes during the day, have you?

Today is the last day of January 2020. Our yards are still snow covered at our house. Our streets are bare and clear.

Will you be watching the Superbowl game at your house with good eats? We don’t have plans yet.

Enjoy your weekend.