Write it Down Hodgepodge

I’ve jotted it down in my notebook and it’s time for Hodgepodge Wednesday. Joyce asked the questions and we answered them.

1. What surprises you the most about people? 

How little the general population knows about God and the Bible. God and His Word are the source of life and peace and wisdom, just to name a few benefits. Why would we ignore what God has to say to us and what He wants us to know about Him?

2. Would you rather have a chauffeur, nanny, gardener, maid, personal shopper or cook? Tell us why that one? 

Gardener because that is the hardest task of all the ones mentioned for me. My wrists and lower back suffer after a day doing the weeding, etc.

3. May 18th is National Notebook Day. No idea what that means but let’s run with it anyway. What’s something you currently keep in a notebook? Have you seen the movie The Notebook? On a scale of 1-5 how does it rate? (5=a favorite, can watch and re-watch and re-watch again) 

I can’t recall if I have seen The Notebook. I watched the trailer and it looks entertaining but I can’t rate it without watching the whole movie.

I do love notebooks and use one daily for my devotions, prayer lists, Sunday sermon, notes to self, etc.

A quote from my notebook from Sunday February 5th, 2023:

J. I. Packer ~ God Has Spoken

“Faith in the Bible is not, as existentialists make out, a leap in the dark, but rather a step in the light, whereby one puts one’s whole weight on the firm ground of God’s unshakeable promises.”


“The promises of God are the ground of faith; for where Christians are not living in the joy of the knowledge that all God’s promises are theirs, the truth is that God’s Word is not being heard.” 

4. Do you like mushrooms? Last dish you made or ate that had mushrooms on the ingredient list? Your favorite dish that calls for mushrooms? 

Yes, we do enjoy mushrooms.

My favorite way to enjoy mushrooms is in a sauce like in this recipe below. Other creamy sauces for topping a steak, etc. are also delicious.

This Polenta with Mushroom Sauce is delicious. Click on link to see the recipe.

We’ve also enjoyed sautéed mushrooms alongside eggs for a not so full-English.

Sunday-Banbury 001

5. What would you say is the most annoying thing people do in public? 

Talking on their phones using the Speaker option. Oye!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

We enjoyed the company of Pastor Dennis and Miss Lori, as our Grands call her, last evening for dinner. They are moving to Iowa for a special calling to teach at Faith Baptist Bible College and theological seminary. We will miss them dearly but know that in their new positions they will be used mightily in teaching the younger generation.

Our church, First Baptist Colville, looks to the promises of God for a new lead Pastor to fill the pulpit soon. It will be a time of growth for us…


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Write it Down Hodgepodge

  1. I love that first JJ Packer quote especially. It’s hard to lose a beloved pastor and will definitely be a time of change. It’s good to know though, that strong pastors feel the call to teach the next generation. It is much needed. Have a great day!

  2. Oh Ellen – I hope you watch The Notebook sometime. It’s such a lovely story. You are so organized and love that you keep a notebook. I really should since I seem to forget everything these days! #5 for me is when people honk their horns multiple times to make certain their car is locked! I have that “feature” turned off on my vehicle. I pray that you will be able to find a good lead pastor – so important! Bless you this week.

  3. After I finish with this comment, I intend to write that first JJ Packer quote in my notebook. And, I will pray that God send the right new pastor to your church. Have a great day Ellen.

  4. “How little the general population knows about God and the Bible.”

    I think it didn’t used to be this way. Most people went to church and our TV shows, movies, and books had biblical references.

  5. #1 regarding how few people know about the Bible or Jesus. It’s sad and it seems to be more each year. I’m sure the lockdowns didn’t help – it kept people out of the churches (well some of them) and gave them an excuse and many never went back. They’ll believe everything else – and our Loving God is not one of them.

    Anyway I liked your answers

  6. Oh it is so sad that people know so little about the Bible. 😦 I thought I was mostly alone in choosing a gardener for my household help, so it was interesting to see that you chose that as well. this was a fun Hodgepodge!

  7. I enjoyed your answers. I mostly use a digital way of writing/journaling because I’ve never been fond of my handwriting, but do want to get more into writing in an actual journal again.

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