The Rest of Last Weekend

On Saturday the 18th, we moved from the birthday party of one of the youngest in our family to celebrate the oldest in our family, me. Our kids made soup and salad and even baked a loaf of marbled rye for us to enjoy for dinner. After dinner we enjoyed strawberry shortcake. Before the cake was cut we had the obligatory blowing out of a few candles.

I had the best helpers to help blow out the candles.

This guy had a full day of watching others open presents.

I got puzzle piece sorter trays, a puzzle subscription, a framed bouquet of flowers that represent all the months of our family birthdays. Names are written on the stems and some leaves.

Josh asked for silly faces and two of the five obliged. Time for the littles to go home with their parents and for the older folk to hit the sack after a full day of celebrating.

We gathered on Sunday for breakfast at Dan and Jamie’s and we all enjoyed some time outside ending with a nice walk down the driveway and up again.

Our Westside kids hopped into their car and headed back across the mountains for home.

I’m adding this next collage for my benefit.

Love the delight captured in Addy’s face at her ‘friends’ party a week prior to the family party. The bakery owner made those cute unicorn cookies.

Back to the Present: After a few sunny days with temps up into the 50’s we are having a brief cold snap with possible rain in the mix. Looking forward to warmer days next week and hopefully I’ll be able to finish clearing our planters of their old growth. It will be a quiet weekend after our very busy one. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “The Rest of Last Weekend

  1. You folks know how to celebrate! Is it straight on to Easter next?

    I am pleased to see so much snow gone in your corner…hoping for same
    over here soon.


  2. Such happy family photos. Must be wonderful to be part of your family!!! 🙂
    Love the present you got of the picture of flowers!!!

  3. Your birthday celebration sounds just perfect!
    I hope that your weather doesn’t get too cold or snowy. It is spring, after all.
    Enjoy that quiet weekend.

  4. So much love and fun celebrations! My goodness Baba’s grandbabies are growing up so fast! Hope things warm up soon – my “old growth” and greenery on my front porch are still frozen solid! Have a restful weekend before all the next weeks busyness begins! God is Good!

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