Marching Forward Hodgepodge

Our back acres taken yesterday morning. It snowed much of the day.

Joyce From This Side of the Pond has the questions ready for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Marching forward…

1. Hello March! Is it coming in like a lion where you live?

We are having light snow showers so I’d say not so much like a lion. It’s typical for this time of year here.

How do you feel when it rains? It depends. If it hasn’t rained for a while it’s nice to hear the pitter patter on the roof. If it’s the 5th day in a row of rain I long for a dry sunny day.

2. What’s something you’d like to do differently this week than the last? Explain. 
We are supposed to avoid inflammatory foods so I’d like to cut out some of those and replace them with something healthier for us.
3. March 1st is National Sunkist Citrus Day…do you drink orange juice?
I do enjoy a glass of orange juice but not on a regular basis.
Orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit…what’s your favorite citrus fruit?
As a fruit to eat it’s a toss-up between an orange or tangerine. Lemon is very versatile in baking and for salad dressings, etc. Limes for guacamole and a G & T. Grapefruit juice might just be my favorite to drink. One of Dear’s new medications has a warning for him not to have grapefruit anything.
A dish you love with a citrus fruit as one of it’s key ingredients? 
I really can’t come up with a dish but I do enjoy lemon curd.
4. What do you consider to be your culture. Elaborate. 
What best describes my culture is ‘Conservative Christian’. Being a follower of Jesus Christ has the most significant influence on the things I choose to do, wear, say, read, enjoy. Praying I represent my culture better each day.
I could also say that I used to be a ‘city girl’ but in the last 4 years I’ve become a ‘country gal’ because of the huge difference in the area I live in now. My wardrobe has taken on more boots and snow appropriate clothes.
5. Sum up your February in fifteen words or less. 
Losing the same ten pounds again this year that I gained back last year, OYE!
6. Insert your own random thought here. 
I came across this little quote that maybe I should tape to my bathroom mirror…
“Taste your words before you serve them.” 
I’m looking forward to seeing some Spring green and color hopefully by the end of March.
About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Marching Forward Hodgepodge

  1. “What do you consider to be your culture. Elaborate.

    What best describes my culture is ‘Conservative Christian’. Being a follower of Jesus Christ has the most significant influence on the things I choose to do, wear, say, read, enjoy. Praying I represent my culture better each day.”

    It’s interesting that in America we tend to see culture in personal terms. Our beliefs define us. We can be different than everyone else. In another place someone might answer this question with specifics about the country they physically live in.

    “Taste your words before you serve them.”



    • Sandi, that culture question can be answered in so many ways, especially these days. I could have said I used to be a city girl but now I’m a country gal, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy March to you!

  2. Although we live in different parts of the country with different customs and traditions, our basic culture, as you described it is very similar. Great advice regarding words, that I need to apply more often. Enjoyed all your answers as usual.

  3. Snowed all day yesterday here as well. I suppose that I can count on more snow from out west in about 4 to 7 days. I’ll be relieved when I hear that your snow is over.

    I rarely have grapefruit or juice, but if it were on a prohibited list, I’d probably think about it more. I do like it.

    The same ten pounds? At least, it’s not the same 13 pounds. 😏

    Happy March! I’m sure you’ll see nice changes by the end of this month,


  4. That culture question was a tough one for me. As you said, it could have been answered in so many different ways.

    We had snow here all day yesterday as well, with more predicted for Thursday and the weekend. We have had a pretty light winter, snow-wise, so it feels as if all our snow is coming within one week.

    Your quote concerning our words is excellent! And I love your Scripture graphic too.

  5. What a pretty view! We don’t have snow like that here usually. This year we just had ice mostly, not snow.

    I look forward to spring as well and the flowers blooming.

    I like your quote on #6. Good to think about.

  6. We have quite a bit suddenly blooming here now, and I think the danger of any frost in our area has passed. I love this true springtime weather, the pollen hasn’t completely busted out yet, and the humidity hasn’t fully set in so it’s perfect. I love lemon curd too and almost included that in my answer. Have a great day!

  7. What pretty snow! We’ve had highs in the high 70’s and low 80’s over the last week or so and actually broke a couple of records for the highest temps. Everything here is blooming. My black car is yellow with pollen.

  8. I like the quote and Bible verse you shared. That’s a good reminder about tasting words. I’ve enjoyed seeing the different ways many of us interpreted “culture”!

  9. Your answers to the questions are interesting. The scripture quotes remind us to live by Christian values. We have already had some windy weather. Today it’s cloudy, but dry. Every blessing for the month of March. All the best as you experience snowy conditions.

  10. You’re right about the rain and the pitter patter on the roof. Good luck with cutting out those foods. It would definitely be healthier. Yes, a lot of people can’t have grapefruit with their meds. I totally get where you are coming from on the weight gain. That is a great quote.

  11. I enjoyed your answers and liked the quote at the very end about tasting your words. I do enjoy the sound of rain and even hail and a good storm, as long as I’m tucked inside…but here in the PNW its’ just rain, rain, rain, rain…it gets old after awhile. I didn’t join in this week 3/9 and just now getting around to commenting from last week.

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