Call It A Foot!

Tuesday night into Wednesday we had a significant snowfall here. By the end of the evening we had at least a foot of new snow.

These photos were from Wednesday the 30th of November. The rest of the photos are from Thursday December 1st which turned into a beautiful sunny day.

We are going into a frigid 4 degrees Thursday night into Friday and we have nothing over freezing on the forecast for the next week. Yikes! We put out bird seed for our little feathered friends. The Quail were enjoying our Oregon grape plant gathering the berries from it. This chubby guy was the lookout and a few other Quail were in the plant finding the berries.

Dear’s occupational therapy is going well. Hope all is well in your corner.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Call It A Foot!

  1. My apologies to the weatherman. 😏
    You always seem to focus in the good side of the situation so I won’t chip
    about your snow. If it were my snow, it would be quite another story.
    That quail is an adorable fellow.


  2. New snow is so beautiful! Ours is all gone already, but we might get a bit more tomorrow, although we’re hoping not, as one of our families is moving to a new home. The quail’s colours really show up against the snow. Stay cozy!

  3. A foot?! We got the same storm on Tuesday night but only got a couple of inches. But, our power went out for almost 24 hours. That was an adventure. I was very thankful our temps have stayed above freezing this time. I hope you stay safe and warm, with power!

  4. Oof — that’s cold — but beautiful. The chubby quail looks like he could afford miss a meal while serving as lookout for the rest of the flock!… I’ll scroll back to learn about that OT, but glad it is going well.

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