Tiptoeing Hodgepodge

Tulips 029

Jo From This Side of the Pond is back this week a new set of Wednesday Hodgepodge questions!

1. What puts a spring in your step these days? 

Getting small and large tasks accomplished.

2. April 2nd was National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Did you celebrate? Do you like PB and J? If so how do you like yours? What’s your favorite kind of jelly?

No peanut butter celebrations here in the past week. Yum and yes to PB and J. Toast with peanut butter and honey is a favorite. When enjoying PB with jam give me raspberry or strawberry please.

3. What’s a memory you associate with spring flowers?

Tulips 011

The Skagit Valley Tulip festival in Washington State and visiting Roozengaarde farm and garden in Mt. Vernon, Washington.  Skagit is the county where you find the towns that grow tulips in abundance. We’ve enjoyed tulip farms and tulips in Mt. Vernon and La Conner.

4. Three things on your spring bucket list? Do you have a spring bucket list? If not pretend you do. 

  1. Drop some pounds.
  2. Travel over to the ‘coast’.
  3. Start mowing the lawn again.

5. One place you will travel this spring? (It might be Europe or it might be the grocery store)

Waiting on our passports which needed renewing so no out of country trips this Spring. We will for sure travel south to Spokane for shopping at the big box stores. Hopefully (see #4) we will get a trip to the other side of the Cascades on the books.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Speaking of the tulip festival…

You don’t have to go all the way to Amsterdam to enjoy tulips galore.

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15 thoughts on “Tiptoeing Hodgepodge

  1. Wow! Those tulips are amazing! Maybe the tulip festival needs to go on my spring bucket list … not for this spring, though.

    I would choose the same jams as you with my pb sandwich!

  2. My girls and I went to see the Skagit tulips one year and we all loved it. The photos have recently popped up on my Facebook memories and I am still amazed by them. Drop some pounds is on my perpetual to-do list : )

  3. Oh I recognize those tulip pictures! Our son-in-law’s sister is coming out from New Jersey in a couple weeks and we’re all planning to go to Roozengaarde. Can’t wait to get some new family pictures with Peter and his sister!

  4. Wow, the tulip festival looks lovely. I should have written about the flowers in Carlsbad, CA. Hopefully we will check them out in a few weeks. I need to renew my passport. I keep putting it off! Enjoyed reading all of your answers. I’m going to have some PB with celery in a little while.

  5. Spectacular tulip farm photos! They are such colorful and cheerful spring flowers! We canceled many trips due to covid but hope to be able to travel again soon after getting another booster.

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