Cheyenne, Wyoming

After we checked out of our hotel on Saturday morning October 9th we drove to the downtown historic district to see what we could see.

Historic Whipple House located in the heart of downtown Cheyenne. This historic mansion was built in 1883 by Mr. Whipple and later sold to Mr. Lacy who was commissioned by President Author to begin the Wyoming territory. The 24 foot ceiling, old historic pocket doors, and craftsmanship remain in the home today.

The sign wasn’t really easy to read but this original bronze statue is on sale for $6000. This was in the front yard of one of the homes downtown.

The Cathedral of St. Mary

Supreme Court State Library on Capitol Avenue.

Wyoming State Capitol

On July 4, 1867 the first tents were pitched on the site now known as Cheyenne. Cheyenne means “aliens” or “people of foreign language.” 

The City of Cheyenne had its beginning in 1867, when the Union Pacific Railroad came through on its way to the west coast. The town site was first surveyed by General Grenville Dodge and was named for an Indian tribe that roamed the area (originally called ‘Shey’ an’ nah’, belonging to the tribe of Alogonquian, the largest family of Indians on the North American Continent). Settlement came so fast that the nickname “Magic City of the Plains” was adopted.

The Cheyenne Depot museum in the distance.

The first Cheyenne Frontier Days happened in 1897.

We found our way out of Cheyenne as the sun rose. We traveled Interstate 25 north to Interstate 90 and Northwest to Billings on this day, 455 miles and Six and a half hours.

My next post will be filled with photos from the road from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Billings, Montana. Almost done with our Land That We Love Tour.

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11 thoughts on “Cheyenne, Wyoming

  1. I’m continuing to enjoy seeing where you went on your road trip. The places you visited are names recognised from old frontier movies and it’s interesting to see present day architecture. I pray for safety for all who travel on your roads during challenging weather conditions.

  2. So many sites to see! Do you feel like you only scratched the surface . . . even with this extended trip?

    Whenever I hear the name of the town of Cheyenne, I think of the song I learned in elementary school, “Goodbye, Ol’ Paint, I’m a-leaving Cheyenne . . . ” I have no idea why that left such an impression on me that I think of it clearly these 50+ years later.

    • Cheryl, definitely just scratching the surface. The only places that we were thorough with were Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. Our country has so much to offer as far as sightseeing goes. We could have spent another full day at The Ark and other places we visited. Fun memory of ‘Cheyenne’. 🙂

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