All the Way to Dallas

On Monday The Land That We Love Tour took us out of Tennessee through Memphis then into Arkansas and on to Texas.

Memphis Bass Pro Shop!

We crossed the Mississippi River to get to Arkansas.

The Mighty Mississippi!

We stopped in Texarkana on the Texas/Arkansas border to fuel up the car and us before heading on to Dallas.

We got off on the main drag which has establishments in Arkansas on the north side and Texas on the south side.

The Arkansas side of the road has Arkansas flags on the light poles and the Texas side of the street has Texas flags on the posts.

We are having good fellowship time with my youngest brother’s family.

We are thankful and grateful to God for another safe day on the road.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “All the Way to Dallas

  1. That route and all the pictures look very familiar to me as that is the route we have taken several times a year for 12 years, to our son’s home in Northern Indiana from Shreveport, La and now Dallas. So glad you are enjoying time with your family here in North Central Texas. The weather is not too bad for you.

  2. Just caught up (again!) on your trip post cards! Whew . . . so thankful for traveling mercies all along the way. It must have been nerve-wracking driving through the torrential rain and storms! (And yet, we are dependent on His protection even on the sunny days.)

    Love the scenes of crossing the Mississippi River! Our son sent similar photos to us on their move out west. That was fourteen years ago, but your photos bring it all back to my memory. You have seen some amazing sights on your trip back and forth across the continent!

    So nice that you are (were?) able to enjoy some special time with your brother and his family . . . and nice to have a little breathing time that is not on the road!

    • Hello Cheryl, One more day with my brother’s family and then we hit the road home. It’s been good to sit a spell. I love that reminder that we are dependent on God through the storms and through the sunshine! Thank you!

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