A Fun Memory Popped Up…

This memory popped up on my Facebook page and I wanted to document it here on what could have been our parents’ 78th wedding anniversary.

In September of 2012 when talking with my parents they talked about the fact that they were married in April of 1979 just after Josh was born because they didn’t have an official wedding license from their marriage in Iran in 1943. They confused the judge but he re-married them with my Aunt Anna and Uncle Jim as witnesses and then they had to go get blood tests…LOL! I had forgotten or wasn’t aware of this or maybe because I was a very busy first time mom totally spaced it out. They celebrated 69 years of marriage in 2012! Our mom died on their 70th wedding anniversary on September 13, 2013. She was determined to make it to their 70th wedding anniversary and then peacefully entered her heavenly home. Our Pop followed her 5 years later in June of 2018.

Hope y’all have a very good week.

Knott’s Berry Farm in the 50’s.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “A Fun Memory Popped Up…

    • It’s funny since they had been married without a license for 36 years at that point and had already birthed 9 children! We had to have a test in 1974. I do not think they still do that.

  1. If I remember correctly they had to have a marriage license before they went to Russia so could get their passports. I do remember that we all thought it was a little ridiculous but they didn’t mind and had fun with it

    • Vera, it might have had something to do with Pop’s pension and social security and maybe citizenship. I’m trying to remember when they finally became citizens…

  2. What a precious memory. In 1965, and at the age of 20, I had to have a blood test and my father had to sign for us to get our marriage license. Things have changed, but your parents seemed to have found humor in those “ridiculous” requirements. How blessed you were to have witnessed such a long and dear love story.

  3. What a beautiful picture! Your Father so handsome & your Mother incredibly beautiful! Lives well lived. Your family is blessed to have such a godly heritage. I hope you talk about your Mom & Dad with your grandchildren so they too will remember.

    Blessings to you,

  4. What wonderful photos and memories. I married in the ’70s and had to get a blood test too. I told you the same on Facebook, but I see so much of you in your mother’s young face, Ellen.

  5. What a funny quirky thing. When my grandfather had to register his children for something or other in VN, he couldn’t remember my mom’s birthdate. It’s not a thing in VN; most people know the year and maybe the season they were born. Mom’s sister was there with him and recommended 9/10. That meant her official bday was set as 9/10 ….when it actually was 4/22. And, yes, we celebrate both dates.

    • Exactly, Ann. None of my parents dates for birthdays or their wedding were exact. They knew they were born in the Spring or after harvest or that they were married before winter. When they arrived in the states they had to pick actual dates.

  6. That’s interesting about the dates! It probably doesn’t help that the Russian calendar is different. I remember my dad supposedly had a different birthday according to that, but we celebrated the western calendar date! That’s amazing that your parents could celebrate 70 years!

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