Adieu to July Hodgepodge

Thank you to Jo From This Side of the Pond for coming up with questions during her busy summer season on the lake.

1. Four words that tell us something about your July?

Eyes: Cataract surgery

Eyedrops: 4x a day for a week then 3x a day then 2x a day and then 1x a day. Start over for second eye.

Heat:  When it’s hot pull out the pool and water toys.

Fires: Adding smoke to the heat.

2. Four of your favorite summer foods?

Nectarines, watermelon, corn on the cob, and apricots.

3. What were you doing at a quarter past four yesterday? 

At exactly 4:15 yesterday (Monday) I had a doctor appointment and not for my eyes. Now I’m waiting for a appointment with someone more specialized about my non-emergency issue. How’s that for vague.

4. fore!, four letter word, four sheets to the wind, ten-four, 24/7, four eyes, these four walls….pick a ‘four’ phrase and tell us how you relate currently

Four eyes: Prescription glasses have been part of me for a very long time. There was a period of time that I switched to contacts but then switched back to glasses. Now that I’ve had my Cataract surgeries I do not need glasses except for up close reading. For me it’s too much of a bother to pull out readers every time I need to read fine print or what’s on my phone so…I’m going to get glasses that are clear with a bifocal section for reading and stick with the eye glass look!

5. Something you own that is four years old? 

All the things we have that we’ve owned for four years are related to our grandchildren. Our first grandchild was born in 2017 so we added some things like a porta crib, high chairs, walkers, toys. Our second grandchild was born in 2019 so we can still use the items we purchased 4 years ago and the things they grew out of we donated elsewhere.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

A quick photo of the sunflower field as we zoomed past on our way to Spokane on Tuesday. A great sign of summer.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Adieu to July Hodgepodge

  1. Hello,
    The grandkids have a nice pool, a fun way to cool off. The field of sunflowers is beautiful! I hope you and your eyes recover quickly. Take care, have a happy day!

    • We zoomed by a few. The sunflower farmers are upset with people who want to take a closer look. If I would have had my big camera we could have stopped for me to zoom in with my camera but the car zoomed past instead. 🙂

  2. Hope all goes well with your medical ‘stuff’. You’re the second person to mention nectarines today. I don’t think I’ve had one all summer. It’s all about the peaches in South Carolina, but I love nectarines too. Enjoy your day!

  3. Forest fires are awful…you are robbed of beautiful summer days. Praying that they are soon ended. I am glad that your eyes are doing well. Gee, I love my readers. My sister refuses bifocals and will switch her glasses around accordingly. I think I will do the same as one who loses glasses all too easily. The grands are sure loving the pool.

  4. I have watermelon to eat this lunchtime. Can’t wait. Glad the cataract surgery went well and good luck with your other doctors visit. Love the sunflower field. Happy sigh! B x

  5. Ellen – maybe I need to get one of those pools … lovely field of sunflowers. I have a volunteer sunflower in my garden that is getting ready to bloom! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope your non-emergency issue is not too serious!

  6. “Eyes” were a big part of your summer so far, but I’ll be it feels good to have all that behind you! My dad took the same approach after his cataract surgeries. He has the clear lenses at the top of the bifocal, and the reader lenses at the bottom. A pretty ingenious solution if you’re already accustomed to wearing glasses.

  7. Those sunflower fields are gorgeous! It would be hard to zoom by without taking a few pics. I would choose Ten Four because my dad was a trucker and I went with him on a few of his trips. I have NO IDEA what I bought four years ago. But I definitely would remember a grand child. 🙂

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