One Down…

One of our two days in the kitchen is done and we are beat.

Very tired but satisfied that all went well today.

Tomorrow we’ll feel more like this when the day is over and our responsibilities in the kitchen are done till the next event.

Happy Friday everyone!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “One Down…

  1. Wow, I can relate. Last weekend, we had a trash pick-up day and I spent six hours picking up trash. Absolutely exhausted! But the next day, driving into town and seeing those clean verges, now that was exciting! Happy Friday to you!

  2. It always amazing how tired we get when we prepare meals for large groups but it is also very rewarding watching people enjoy each other sitting around a dining table.

  3. I always admire those who work in the restaurant business – how ever can they keep up their stamina to do this? Kitchen work is hard work requiring skill and creativity. I hope you will share what meals you prepared and for how many folks. Maybe a new reference cookbook – “Feeding the Multitudes” – should be written???

    • Rosella, I was to keep it simple and there were certain meals requested that I went with. The most labor intensive one was the Taco bar just because of all the chopping and shredding. I did reference a guide I have on how much food to buy for a 100. We only had to plan for 60 people. Taco bar for dinner with sliced watermelon. Cheesecakes for the dessert social. Build your own cold cut sandwiches with chips and fruit cups and cookies for lunch. Lasagna dinner with salad and brownies for the final meal. We had volunteers to work with us in the kitchen and volunteers to bake the cookies, cheesecakes, and brownies. It went very well but it was exhausting and by the end of the days I was brainless. 🙂

      • Wow – well done Ellen and Co. That was a great menu. So glad it all turned out well. They sure picked the right person to tackle this important part of the conference!

  4. Anytime we are in service serving our Lord, is such a good tired, and we seem to be refreshed very quickly!
    Enjoyed catching up on previous posts too.

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