Sunshine, Bubbles and Sticks

We’ve had some sunny days with temps getting up to the low 60’s. The ‘Grands’ enjoyed some new bubble guns in the sunshine.

This little guy loves sticks.

This stick turned on him and smacked him in the face leaving a couple scratches. When I was over last week and we went on a little walk down the drive he pointed at that stick and touched his wounds filling me in on that accident. He is still in the process of forming words and learning to communicate more with words but we have to fill in the blanks and he’ll nod yes or no if we have it right.

All these photos were taken by their mommy.

No Wednesday Hodgepodge this week as Jo is taking the week off from coming up with questions.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Sunshine, Bubbles and Sticks

  1. So cute! James was playing with bubbles from an Easter basket but was getting frustrated and then he spilled some. I went on Amazon and searched for a no spill bubble product and found one. I can’t wait to bring it to him!

  2. You have such cute grand kids! My granddaughter was into sticks too. Every time we’d go for a walk, she’d end up with an armful of sticks. Love those bubble guns. They really put out a lot of bubbles!

  3. Bubble guns look like lots of fun! Sticks, not so much. They are usually a recipe for disaster, but don’t all kids love a good stick? (My daughter was just telling me today how her 5-year-old kept adding to her walking stick collection and wanted to take all of them when the went on walks. But eventually, the sticks were no longer used for walking but for swinging around and bumping into siblings.)

  4. Ellen – ah, the joy of simple things! Our kids went to Montessori pre-schools, and I remember well the lessons of Maria Montessori – kids will make toys out of anything in their environment, and are the better for it!

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