A Quiet Beginning

It’s been a relatively quiet start to the month of February at our Country Bungalow.  The biggest excitement was this delivery we had from Home Depot on Thursday.

We would have had to make two trips to Spokane to be able to haul this material and we were thankful we could have it delivered for a $79 delivery fee. Forty sheets of drywall, some 2×4’s, primer, paint, drywall compound, tape, screws and nails! It would have cost Dear around $100 dollars in gasoline to do that trip to Spokane twice in his truck, not to mention loading and unloading. 2100 pounds of stuff. Dear’s truck is rated for 1500 pounds.

And…he doesn’t have a nifty forklift to unload all that drywall! We are so thankful for this delivery service and what it saved us in time and labor. The driver managed to set that stack of drywall inside the new shop with a little maneuvering. It was below freezing here for this delivery.

Earlier in the week we had a warmer than freezing day and we got this photo via text. So thankful to get texts with photos from our Daughter-in-law!

Today in Colville we are suppose to get up to 47 degrees!! Quite a change from the 20’s and 30’s we have been experiencing. As you can see from the photos most all of our snow has melted. Today is definitely a day to spend outdoors before the next snow pattern comes our way. While Dear takes advantage of not having his fingers frozen while working in the shop I need to come up with an outdoor activity to enjoy the warm 40’s and sunshine!

What’s new in your corner of the world?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “A Quiet Beginning

  1. They are darling and look like twins. You can see the love in them.

    Your post about your farm life reminds me of my Uncle’s farm. He was in WWII and learned to drive a bulldozer in building the Burma trail. He bought a bulldozer and built ponds and roads. Made enough to buy a farm. He would take me with him and let me ride. Years later, he bought a new bulldozer with a cab. He was in Missouri and I was in Arkansas. On my wedding day, his new bulldozer was being delivered. He was not going to miss my wedding, he came to Arkansas without seeing it. Stayed 2 days and hurried home to see his bulldozer. He told me it was a hard choice but he loved me. Hope it is okay to share this.

    • Oh yes, Patsy, thank you for sharing this portion of your history. A very special memory. It’s fun when our memories are jogged and we can share. Blessings!

  2. It’s so nice to get materials delivered and it be such a good deal. That is not always the case, but we take the help when necessary. Such a sweet photo of the two grands in front of the stump. Our snow is melting and will probably be all gone after our 50 degree afternoon. It was so nice being outside this afternoon if only to help my husband put up a new thermometer. Our old one fell from its perch on the tree and shattered into many pieces.

    • Martha Ellen, we were able to clear some fallen limbs on our property this afternoon without freezing since it got up 47 degrees here. Glad you could put up a new thermometer.

  3. Yes, there’s a lot of Dan in that one little face particularly! So fun to see those smiles! Glad everything went well with that delivery. This seems to be a never ending job! =) which is good.

  4. I love how the little inspectors are safely perched on a stump! I’m so glad that stuff was delivered. Drywall work is such a big job!

  5. My husband used to be a self employed drywall installer so I know how heavy they are. He refurbished some historic buildings in his time which was interesting. He’s also been a car body repairer and a pizzeria owner so he’s a handyman to have around! Glad you got the delivery before the next lot of snow. Your little ones are ready to play out of doors and are very cute.

  6. Your grandkids are growing up the most wonderful world for children!
    I hope your temperatures stay in the 40s. Country living and cold temperatures are new things to adjust to, aren’t they?

  7. What project have you got going? I’d say that delivery was a steal of a deal! Cute photo of the kids, they have the same smile. What’s new in our corner of the world? A Polar Vortex making us hide inside. Brrrr.

    • Susanne, that vortex is heading our way this week and we’ll be inside for sure with some below zero temps! The delivery was for the ceiling of the new shop.

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