Hugs Allowed Hodgepodge

It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Thank you Jo From This Side of the Pond for the questions!

1. Here we are entering the last month of the year 2020. 2020!! Every year The Oxford English Dictionary publishing team chooses a word that captures the general mood of the year we’re leaving behind, or the one word that will leave a lasting impact on the world at large. This year they needed sixteen words in order to cover the whole enchilada.

While two of the other major dictionaries selected pandemic as their word of the year, Oxford came up with a long list including-bushfire, impeachment, acquittal, coronavirus, COVID-19, lockdown, social distancing, reopening, Black Lives Matter, Cancel Culture, BIPOC, mail-in, belarusian, moonshot, net zero (read more about each word here)

Of the words listed which ONE would you say should be in the number 1 spot? Which word/phrase on this list would you be happy to never hear again?

I’ll have to go with COVID-19 in the #1 spot. 

Which word/phrase on this list would you be happy to never hear again?

There are several of these words/phrases I’d like to obliterate and have little tolerance for but since I can only choose one I’ll go with lockdown because mask wasn’t on the list.

2. What one word from your own list of words describing this year sums up/best reflects your 2020? Tell us why.

Hugs. The best part of this year was when hugs were allowed again in our family. The hardest thing was the few months with no hugging. 

3. Do you like peppermint? Peppermint mocha, a candy cane, peppermint bark, peppermint tea, York Peppermint Pattie, peppermint ice cream…of the peppermint treats listed, which one is your favorite? Will you bake anything featuring peppermint this holiday season?

Peppermint has it’s place. I do enjoy a York Peppermint Pattie in the form of Junior Mints. 

4. Besides Christmas, what do you associate the color red with?

Roses, stop signs, red light, the red carpet, Dorothy’s ruby slippers…

And in the world of soccer the dreaded red card that penalizes a player with ejection from the field and future games depending on how bad the violation was. 

How about the color green?

Grass, Spring, vegetables, Go!, legal immigrants (green card), Irish…

5. Is your tree up?

Yes because we stumbled upon a good deal on a fake tree that was a floor model so it went right up when we brought it home. It is not fully decorated yet.

Real or artificial?

This is the first year we have gone with artificial.

Is your house decorated?

It is on the way to being decorated fully.

Is your shopping done? Started? Wrapped?

Pretty much done because this is a stockings only year. Every other year we simplify Christmas gifts and try to plan a family trip instead. We have our family trip booked for Arizona in January already. Nothing is wrapped. 

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being Scrooge-like and 10 being Buddy the Elf, how’s your Christmas spirit?

I’m going to go with a Tiny Tim 10 instead of Buddy the Elf. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Sunday December 6th will be our Forty Sixth Wedding Anniversary. 

Usually we would go out for a nice meal or even plan an overnight somewhere…sigh. We will still celebrate and choose joy and thank our God for sustaining and blessing our marriage.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “Hugs Allowed Hodgepodge

    • I think it’s safe to say we aren’t super spreaders since we’ve been hugging for 6 months with no ill effects. We keep our hugs in our family bubble. Sorry about your daughter, I hope her symptoms are mild and recovery swift with a positive store of antibodies!

  1. Sweet hugs… I don’t spread hugs all over, but I need them from my family. People die from isolation. After those months without human contact, I told my family that death would be preferable and I wasn’t kidding. I’ve already warned my family that Christmas hugs are coming. 😁

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! Those are sweet hugging pictures. I liked your list of red….Dorothy’s slippers. Mask is another good word to add to the list of words for the year.
    See you tomorrow!

  3. An early Happy Anniversary, Ellen! We share the same years of marriage. Yes, I thankfully still get some grandchildren hugs when I wear my N95 mask around them. Covid is high here in Colorado right now so we are trying to be extra careful since we are in the 65+ age group it seems to affect the most. I am looking forward to getting the vaccine when it is available. The list of words for 2020 were eye-openers–let’s hope next year’s words will be more about kindness and good health!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Nothing like a year of staying home with the one you married to confirm you made a good choice : ) I’m surprised mask wasn’t on their list. It has certainly been controversial and much discussed. Enjoy your day!

  5. Aw – Happy Anniversary you two! What a wonderful thing to look forward to – a trip to sunny Arizona! I can almost feel those wonderful hugs in your pictures … keep hugging!

  6. It was a long time to go without hugs! You hug photos are heartwarming!

    Anniversary blessings on your forty-six years . . . a gift from God! Don’t give up on the special celebration. A couple of years ago, Ron and I couldn’t go away for our anniversary because a grandbaby was due at any time. So we celebrated when we could. I think it was about eight months later, but we still called it our anniversary trip and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

  7. Yikes! What a list. Not much there to feel positive about that’s for sure. Thank the Lord our joy comes from him. Yes, it was very hard not being able to see or hug our loved ones. I love seeing all those precious hugs!
    Congratulations on your 46th anniversary. It was our 46th this year as well. For me personally I think Gratitude is my word for this year, for jobs, retirement, health and the ability to go to church, even if it means wearing a mask. Blessings to you Ellen!

  8. Happy Anniversary in a few days!
    I love your word Hugs! I’m loving getting hugs from my family now, too.
    Love your idea of stockings only and then planning a family trip. Arizona? Perfect!
    Did you get my text message with my new address?

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