Corn Maze Snow Version

What a difference a week makes. Sunday the 18th of October my brother and his kids enjoyed the maze with me in sunshine and a bit of mud. On Saturday the 24th of October the patch paths were covered in snow. Our car arrived at the Corn Maze location a little after ten and it was closed. After checking on line we saw that they were due to open at eleven. Jamie and the littles arrived a little before 10:30 and the owner of the maze spotted us and came over to open up early for us. We were the only group on the maze from start to finish. Thank you Colville Corn Maze for a detailed maze experience and for opening early for us!

We never dreamed we’d be trekking through the maze in snow but we were all up for the adventure.

You need a map expert like Katie to make it through with ease and we were so happy she was on point since we were trekking through the snow in below freezing temperatures.

Warning: This is a photo loaded post!

Katie led us to the #1 stop quick and easy. Onward and upward we go.

We supported the Corn Maze People by buying some of their last pumpkins.

The cutest little pumpkins in the patch!

Do you go to a pumpkin patch this time of year? Do you have a Corn Maze in your town? Our snow is melting and we’ve had a nice stretch of dry weather. Very cold starts to the day with warming by mid afternoon. Slow but sure progress on the shop.

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12 thoughts on “Corn Maze Snow Version

  1. At least the corn maze wasn’t hot and itchy! 🙂 It was kind of the owner to open up early. Kudos to Katie for her great mapping skills! I’m sure you all appreciated them that day!

  2. Hello,

    The corn maze looks like a fun time. Is the snow early this year? Love the photos of the kiddies with the pumpkins, they are so cute. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  3. We once had the best corn maze in the area. Alas, a tragic hayride accident ended it.

    Your peeps look mostly happy, though Addy may have been beginning to fade until she saw the pumpkins. ☺️

    • You are so astute in your observations. Dear Addy did not have her winter snow boots yet and she managed to get snow in her rain boots that caused some very cold toes so her fading was justified. 🙂 I found one pair of snow boots in her size at Wal-Mart on the Monday after…

  4. What fun to have snow and a corn maze. Some fabulous family pictures that you will look back on for many years. Such a lovely family. Have a great week. B x

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