New Favorite

Last year (2019) I was bugged beyond comfort while working in the yard either mowing or pulling weeds or watering. I ordered this bug net in the fall and finally was able to test it out this Spring. I am so happy with it. Those pesky bugs can’t get to my face and eyes and I don’t have to constantly try to swat bugs away from my face. Such an easy solution to my buggy problem!

There are more bugs at our country bungalow then we had on the “Coast”.

The net fits over this hat and it works with a baseball hat, too. Since I have to wear headphones while I mow to protect my ears and to be able to listen to sermons while I mow I can’t wear that wide brimmed hat and my baseball cap fits the bill.

Last October before my bug net and probably the last mowing of the year.

Last May and probably the first mowing of the season before we got our grass catcher unit.

Mowing happened twice this past week. I’m glad we have most of the Fall and all of Winter off from mowing. It takes a little while into Spring to have to mow for the first time, too. Loved wearing my net over my baseball cap and headphones.

Had online church again this morning. Our church we’ll be meeting in our building next Sunday. We are looking forward to being together as a family again. Online church is not the way it was meant to be…

Adieu to May. Hope you all have a great first week of June.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “New Favorite

  1. …I’ve always wanted one of those hats! I see that you have a Husgvarana mower. I’ve thought that it’s interesting that for men it’s a brand of chainsaws and for many women it’s a brand of sewing machines!

    • Tom, never heard of a Husgvarana sewing machine and we have a Stihl chainsaw. Hope you can buy the hat it’s a lot cheaper than a mower, sewing machine, or chainsaw. 🙂

  2. What a great idea – it would be useful for camping, too. Reading Tom’s comment – I have a Husqvarna sewing machine and I love it! You probably know it as a Viking machine. Same thing.

    • Lorrie, ahh, I am familiar with Viking and I didn’t know about the connection with Husqvarna. Do order one or two of the face nets!!

  3. The bug net looks fabulous on you Ellen!! That is such a great idea. Our granddaughter has a whole bug net suit that she wears at the cottage for fishing – so cute! I agree with Judy – you look right at home on the mower, boots and all! Love it.

  4. That was a good idea to get that bug net for your hats! We don’t get too many flies or mosquitos here but I do find wasps annoying at times. Riding a mower looks like fun! I leave the mowing and snow blowing to my husband but if I had a ride-on mower I might be tempted to try it. I’m sure it’s well needed in helping to maintain a big property. I’m glad to hear your church opened again. We are still on a restricted amount of attendees here and our pastor told anyone 65 plus to remain at home and to continue to watch online

  5. The netting is a great idea. Many bugs—skeeters and gnats here. Might have to give something like that a try. My husbands family was from Russia only they are German. Catherine went to Germany looking for homesteaders in Germany and many German families went. They came to the Us in the late 1900s. An interesting story.

  6. I need some of that netting. Bugs can be real bothersome around here.
    Our church has been meeting at church for the last couple of weeks, but so many restrictions. We’re still watching from home. Maybe this Sunday we’ll give it a try.

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