Party With Social Distancing

We are on the letter P. Let’s Party! Be forewarned that this will be a photo overload since this is the best way I have right now to share all these photos with family and friends who could not join in for the fun.

Our daughter-in-law sent a text to 7 of us to invite us up to their mountain to help celebrate Jaymison Joshua’s first birthday. It was a conditional invitation with social distancing a requirement. The party was held on the front porch with no one going inside their home.

JJ’s party was going to be a big event on this day (April 18th) with a good crowd enjoying the Lumberjack themed festivities like ax throwing and log rolling but the Corona virus halted all those plans. Some had flights already booked.

Seated on his party throne for the duration!

Let’s start with paper…I mean presents.

The spectators and gift givers and happy celebrants. They are smiling behind those masks! Granny Linda, Gramps, Uncle Scott, Great Granny Florence, Grandpa Jim. Aunt Rhonda was on phone duty keeping other family who joined us on their phones up front seeing and listening to all the festivities. Uncle Andrew, Auntie Katie, Uncle Joshie and Auntie Lolo.

Time for cake!

This next photo is one to illustrate the pain this Baba feels when her little grands don’t understand Social Distancing.

That face, those hands, ugh…the pain is real.

Here are some other photos taken by JJ’s mommy on his birthday.

What a wonderful smile!

Sitting on his sister. It’s going to be fun to see their interactions in the future. Happy Birthday Jaymison. What fun it was to celebrate with you even at a distance!


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Party With Social Distancing

  1. Wonderful joyful photos! hat a wonderful idea to have an outdoor party for your grandson’s first birthday! I love the matching Buffalo plaid outfits. Your granddaughter is beginning to look so much like you, Ellen. Happy first birthday to JJ!

  2. Sure enjoyed looking at the pictures. Love the black and red shirts and Addy’s skirt.
    The outside party was a great idea.

  3. Aww – such a sweet little one year old!! Love the lumberjack theme and plaid clothes. Happy birthday to your darling little love. May the day come soon when no masks need to be worn!

  4. That BD party was a fabulous idea and I’m so impressed with your “kids” for coming up with the idea and not giving in to pressure to abandon safe practices! So wonderful, but bittersweet … and believe me I understand your pain (although I’m a generation removed, ours daughter is where you are.). She has only seen her newest grandson once in person…he was born March 3…just before everybody learned about the virus. And in her daughter’s family, the one-year old took his first steps a couple of weeks ago and like us she has only seen him walk in a video. (His BD was Groundhog Day). It’s really hard when you are so close and yet so far. I knew it would be this way, but still had a little trouble wrapping my mind around it all when we first got home. Traveling home it was easier to put it out of my mind. But I am glad to be home anyway … and this too shall end….Someday.

  5. The pain is oh. so. real.

    But . . .
    What an inventive way to celebrate the joy that is Jaymison! It was a fun theme and I loved how the family was all dressed like lumberjacks! So many wonderful photos and happy smiles. And so nice that some of the guests were able to join the party remotely. You all certainly made the best of the situation. Someday, JJ will enjoy looking at the record of his first birthday amid the historical context.

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