Wednesday Hodgepodge~ Music (A to Z)

I’m combining the A to Z with Wednesday Hodgepodge on this tax day that isn’t really a tax day. Our taxes were filed but we won’t be sending that big fat check until July 15th. How nice to have that delay! Hopefully we won’t have to delay the Hodgepodge and Joyce will have her internet up and running in time. For A to Z we are on the letter M and Music is my M in this Meme.

1. In Monday’s post I mentioned I would incorporate the word I was given for letter K into this week’s questions. That word was karaoke. On a scale of 1-10 how excited would you be to find out there was karaoke happening at your next gathering/outing with friends? 10=gimme that microphone!, and 1=I suddenly remembered there’s somewhere else I need to be. Have you ever actually done karaoke? If you had to perform karaoke what would be your ‘go-to’song?

I’ve only done Karaoke once. I have been on stages singing with a mic right up to my face several times, long ago and far away. If I was on stage doing karaoke with my friends it would be a 10. If it was a solo it would be a 1. The photo above is of the Christian “Rock” group Dear and I were part of in the 70’s.  I’m the one on the right and Dear is next to me. I am not a soloist except for in the shower and in the privacy of my own home. I love the idea of Karaoke. My go to song would be…

2. How do you listen to music these days? Favorite app or do you listen the old fashioned way? Do you have music playing often in your home? Is there still a CD player in your car?

This is my old fashioned playlist and my CD changer. I’m so thankful to still have a CD changer that works and is connected to nice speakers so I can hear my music from anywhere in our country bungalow. We have a relatively new 2019 Highlander and I’m also thankful to be able to say it does have a CD player. I know most new vehicles do not have a CD player as standard equipment. On road trips we enjoy listening to books on CD.

3. The HP lands on US tax day this year. Or what used to be tax day before everything including filing your taxes was cancelled, delayed, postponed or extended. FYI- filing your taxes has not been cancelled, only delayed for a bit.

Besides staying away from anyone and everyone, what have you found taxing lately?

I have found it is hard to know what day of the week it is.  Concentration has been taxing.

4. You’re without power so no oven, and you can’t open your frig or freezer in order to keep what’s in there from spoiling. And you don’t have access to take out. What will you make us for dinner?

I will go to the outdoor barbecue that is powered with propane and use the side burner to heat up a can of pinto beans, a can of black beans, a can of green chilies, a can of chopped tomatoes all together, add some chili powder and cumin. I’d serve that in a bowl with tortilla chips unless I had a fresh package of flour tortillas that haven’t been opened. I’d toast those tortillas on the grill. If I had an avocado and tomato in my fresh basket I’d cut them up to add on top. It you don’t have a propane powered barbecue you could do this over an open fire.

5.  I’ve seen this exercise going around Facebook and thought it would be a good one to include in the HP…what are five things everybody seems to love and go crazy for that you personally don’t care for?

Don’t Judge!

  1. Sushi
  2. Cruises
  3. Protein Drinks
  4. “Facebook Chain Letters” example “If you love your sister copy and paste”
  5. Women in Power (I could explain this better in person)

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of old school/old fashioned this is an album that some of our family and friends were part of.

The Russian Sacred Singers of Los Angeles are a group of California young people of Russian background. They sing in English and Russian under the inspiring leadership of director Leonard Wozniuk. The unique bi-lingual choir responded to our challenge to record their selections for radio use. Today, their joyful singing is heard world-wide over several short-wave radio stations and over local broadcasts in North and South America.

Hymns of Praise was recorded in stereo in the Lorin Whitney Studios with the creative accompaniment of organist Bill Fasig and pianist John Innes of the Billy Graham Association. Tom Keene on guitar and Paul Stilwell on bass add their distinctive sound to several selections. ~ Andrew Semenchuk, Producer.

The songs sung in Russian include: The Lord is my Light, Like a River Glorious, Jesus Name I Love, Hallelujah What a Saviour, The Good Shepherd, What A Friend, Glory in the Highest, Blessed Assurance, Submission, Let the Beauty of Jesus, Praise Ye the Triune God, Why Not Now, and Peace Perfect Peace.

Five of my cousins and two of my sisters sang on the album along with a future cousin-in-law and the director became my brother-in-law. 

We now have the album on CD so we can listen to it more easily. We don’t have a phonograph anymore.

Music has been a big part of my life and it has enriched my life in so many ways. Being part of music groups I met some of the most important people in my life namely my dear husband. Music took me across the pond to Great Britain. I would have never traveled as extensively as I did were it not for music. Music that honors God and is true in lyrics moves  me to worship my God and Saviour. I hope to be singing when my time comes to leave this earth. I know I’ll be singing when I get to heaven.

Thank you to Joyce for coming up with the questions! Click here to see more answers.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge~ Music (A to Z)

  1. You were a star! That must have been very fun being part of that singing group. And I know where I’m coming the next time the power goes off…that sounds delicious! Have a blessed week, Ellen!

    On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 2:14 AM The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b. wrote:

    > Ellen posted: ” Singing through Wednesday Hodgepodge on this tax day that > isn’t really a tax day. Our taxes were filed but we won’t be sending that > big fat check until July 15th. How nice to have that delay! Hopefully we > won’t have to delay the Hodgepodge and Joyce” >

  2. That dinner was a wonderful idea! I’ll be keeping that one in mind! My gas burners will still work in a power outage, too. Thankfully, we have not lost power or internet throughout this siege.

    Great post today! Have a blessed week!

  3. Always fun to read your responses…and learn something about you that I never already knew. I’ll sit out on the sushi party with you. 🙂

  4. I loved that Beatles song back in the day — and again as the soundtrack to The Wonder Years. Your dish with the beans and chilies sounds yummy … and so colorful! I’m right there with you on those super-annoying Facebook chain letters.

  5. Ohhh . . . your dinner, should the power go out, sounds delicious!! I had to chuckle when I saw protein drinks on your list of not-gonna-do’s. I don’t get this trend either, even though I work out. Have a great day!

  6. I’d love for you to expand on women in power, because I think I know what you mean and might have similar feelings : ) Your power outage dinner sounds better than mine! Stay well!

  7. Your company dish looks and sounds delicious. I forgot about using our outdoor gas grill but that surely would be an option for putting at least a meat on the table. I wish there was someway to listen to the Hymns of Praise. I’m sure it is beautiful. I was a soloist from the time I was in middle school until reflux took my singing voice away a few years ago. I sang in church choirs and ensembles all my life and really do miss it. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I so enjoyed returning that visit. Look forward to seeing again next week.

  8. I have been forgetting what day it is also. Your dinner is so creative! I agree with everything on your list except protein drinks. I am not crazy about them but I have used them before to help me with my diet. Stay well 🙂

  9. Ellen – we have a lot in common – I also would prefer to sing karaoke in a group, if I did it at all! I was also in music groups for many years, and I love many forms of music, but especially sacred music. I have many Christian songs on my Ipod, and my car does have a CD player so that I can play my music in the car. Lately, I have been listening to the Casting Crowns channel on Pandora – a wonderful selection of modern Christian music. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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