Kitchen Before and After

We decided to change up our kitchen by painting the majority of the cabinets white. Some of you might cringe but our eyes have not enjoyed oak lately, mostly on cabinets.

We are keeping the island as it was.

The pantry has not been painted yet but is next on the list.

The process is not easy but Dear found it a good job to do while the temps are freezing outside which makes it hard for him to work the construction of his shop.

We are pleased with the new look. I’m thankful for a husband who is not afraid of hard or tedious work.

I showed you the wheel barrow that we bought our granddaughter for her 3rd birthday. Her she is hard at work outside. This photo was taken yesterday by her mom.

This family works hard together and they are not afraid of dirt! Anybody else out there who calls a wheel barrow a wheel barrel?

And yes, it is still cold outside here in Northeastern Washington State!

Stay safe and keep the Faith!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

28 thoughts on “Kitchen Before and After

  1. I love your new look in your kitchen. Did you move your refrigerator back? It looks like it doesn’t stick out as far from your lower cabinet. What a fantastic view out of your window over the sink! Your granddaughter looks so cute with her very own wheelbarrow. Enjoy this down time we are having. ~ FlowerLady

    • We moved that larger refrigerator into our laundry room and bought a new counter depth refrigerator. The original refrigerator that came with the house was just to large and stuck out to far to be able to work around.

  2. I never thought I liked white but what a difference it makes! It is lovely and fresh. I love your kitchen and it’s big window. What good helpers you have outside!

  3. I really enjoyed reading yesterday about Addy’s Daniel the Tiger birthday party. Her parents did an outstanding job with the trolley! And WOW! Painting those oak cabinets white made such a huge difference in how light your kitchen now is to work in! I’m not a fan of painting oak but after seeing that change I may need to rethink things! Just lovely!

  4. Your kitchen looks amazing!! What a difference. It looked good before but the after is beautiful. Soon, I hope, there will be wee ones running around in there. I miss mine so much. Take care!

  5. Well, you will get no argument from me about painting over oak cabinets. What a transformation..they look fabulous!!! I am having all white simple cabinets in the kew kitchen. Well done! Hope you and your family are all getting by during these crazy day! Enjoy your weekend!

    On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 10:34 AM The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b. wrote:

    > Ellen posted: ” We decided to change up our kitchen by painting the > majority of the cabinets white. Some of you might cringe but our eyes have > not enjoyed oak lately, mostly on cabinets. We are keeping the island as it > was. The pantry ha” >

  6. I love a white kitchen! It’s beautiful! I love white walls, too.
    It is good for little ones to play in the dirt and even better if they are helping around the garden.
    These are all good ways to ‘enjoy’ our isolation.

  7. Weekend I love the way the white paint opened up your kitchen l. It seems to have let more light in.
    Greg is amazing and kudos to his hard work. And to you both for having the vision to change it up.

  8. You have a big, beautiful, Kitchen, Ellen, and it looks very nice painted white! I like all your pretty red accents pieces too.
    It has been slowly warming up here but we can still get snowfall here until late May, so I’m not letting the warmer weather fool me…lol

  9. Oh boy doesn’t that bring back memories. We painted our oak cabinets at the old house white. It was quite a job. The people that bought our house couldn’t believe we painted the oak white. Pretty sure they were going to have them striped.
    I love a white kitchen and have one here too.

  10. Your granddaughter is such a sweetie. She looks very much at home in the garden πŸ™‚ I love what you’ve done with your kitchen cabinets. I have been thinking about painting our old oak cabinets white. As they are now they are looking a little worse for wear and I think this is just what we need. Thanks for sharing Ellen πŸ™‚

  11. Ellen, your kitchen looks fabulous! Painting the cabinets white was definitely a good choice. Look how bright and cheerful it has made the space! Don’t you find it more pleasant to cook when the space is bright? Having painted wood cabinets before, I know how much work it is, but it is totally worth the end result. Applause to your hubby!

    I agree with you that some work in the dirt is great for children. They learn so much as they work alongside their parents. My husband’s family is a great example of this. They all worked alongside their parents and not a single one of the siblings is afraid of hard work!

  12. White cabinets create a beautiful fresh look. It’s good you had this project to work on and have a store of paint. Hardware stores are closed here too. It happened within a day so any do-it-yourself items and tools have to be those already stored away. Practical jobs around the home are occupying our time in this period of stay at home measures for the good of society. Your little grandchildren are good helpers around their house. You must miss them being at yours.

  13. Ellen .. I LOVE your new kitchen … I have never been fond of oak … and the fresh white is so attractive — just lifts your kitchen to new heights !!! good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Your ‘before’ kitchen was beautiful and after?? The white paint is absolutely stunning! Our house was built in the 50’s and the kitchen has never been updated. I’ve thought about painting our old, wood cabinets but I’ve been afraid to start. Will the white paint go on smoothly; we don’t have a garage or anywhere but outside to paint so now might not be the best time of year; how long will it take and do we want to live with the mess… I have so many excuses but when I see the transformation of your kitchen it sparks the desire again!

    • If your cabinets are really old you will need to clean the cabinets thoroughly with a product like TSP that will cut through oil residue etc. Then you need a good primer like a synthetic pigmented shellac. 2 coats of primer would be good and then the coat of paint. We used saw horses with 8ft 2x4s to put the doors on while priming and painting. Number the doors so they go back to the same places and keep the hardware by their original spots to make the putting back the doors better. So you see it is a time consuming job but it can be done inside. Dear’s first job was painting with his father so these jobs don’t seem daunting. Always brush with the grain! Hope this helps.

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