Tuesdays With Moisi

Today I’m posting photos from our Mom and Pop’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration we held in our brother Leonard’s backyard in Downey, California. September 13th, 2003.

My parents had just returned from their last long term mission in Russia and moved in with our brother in Downey.

The photo above is of most of their children, grandchildren, and spouses. Some of the grandchildren aren’t in this photo and some aren’t born yet. No great grandchildren have been born as of 2003. Vera and Lana’s husbands aren’t in this photo. Our brother Leonard was not married at this time. Our daughter Katie, sitting on the far left, was the youngest granddaughter at this point. Sitting on the far right is grandson Joseph, who was the youngest grandson.

It was fun to capture the photographers, our cousins and their kids.

Our folks were worn out from their responsibilities in Russia and we were happy to have this time for them to relax and enjoy being served.

In this photo above Moisi is at the head of the table with his sister Anna next to him. Next to Aunt Anna is our Uncle Alex and his wife Aunt Ouiliana. Next to her is her brother Mikhail Samaduroff and then our cousin Alex. Next to Moisi is his oldest brother John and his wife Katie.

In this photo our cousin Alex’s wife Vera got in the shot with our sister Kathy’s Mother-in-law Sophie. Our mom is at the head of the table in this shot, too. Today in 2020 our cousin Alex is the only one who is alive in this row.

In this photo next to our Aunt Anna is Mr. Petakoff and his wife Genia, friends of the family.

Our Aunt Anna (and brother Leonard in the background) are the only ones alive today in this photo and Aunt Anna will be celebrating her 95th birthday in April.

Moisi’s sons (my brothers) not in order of birth, Fred, Steve, Leonard and Tim.

Once I scan more photos from this event I’ll add them to this post. Many grandchildren and nieces and nephews were at the party, too.

Grandsons and grand nephews.

Many of Moisi and Nadia’s grandchildren.

My parents lived in our brother’s home until he relocated full time to Dallas, Texas and sold his home in 1996. At that point we found our folks a senior apartment that they moved into in the town of Brea, California.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Moisi

  1. I always love seeing your family photos, Ellen. Your parents look happy here, and I am sure that they were enjoying this time of celebration. As you tell of all of the folks who were there that day . . . celebrating, enjoying one another’s company and God’s good gifts . . . who have now passed into eternity, it is a reminder of how quickly life passes. Thank you for sharing these photos and that reminder!

  2. I love the pictures of Moisi’s brother John and his wife Katie. They seem like stand-out people! But my favorite picture is the one of your parents, sitting and holding hands.

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