Forty Five and Counting…


Today Dear and I are celebrating the day we got married forty five years ago. We were married on a Friday evening in Southern California. The minister who officiated at our wedding, Andrew Semenchuk, celebrated his 94th birthday this week. Dear’s brother was best man and his sister-in-law was my matron of honor.

We thank God for his mercy and grace in our lives and for leading and guiding us these forty five years. There have been ups and downs, hard times and easy times, rich and poor times. We thank God for holding us fast through all these times and trust Him for the years to come.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

22 thoughts on “Forty Five and Counting…

  1. It’s a wonderful thing to be celebrating… Not just a Marraige but all that accompanies it.. Friendship, partnership, collaboration, mutual encouragement and spiritual fellowship not to mention someone to laugh with, to cry with and to share life’s daily circumstances with.
    Enjoy your day Greg and Ellen!!

  2. Happy belated Anniversary! We celebrated our 62nd on Thanksgiving. We too are grateful. (For the ups *and downs* really (the latter are what shapes us!)

  3. Oh I am late wishing you a wonderful anniversary. Hope that you will celebrate all month long! Now I am wondering how your sisters were not part of your wedding party…hmmmm… (There goes Vee snooping again!)

    • Vee, I love your insight and snooping. Good question. I didn’t know if I should answer in an email or here but I thought it would be good context on the post. Our wedding was the 4th wedding in our extended family in 1974. I have 3 sisters and didn’t want to have to go through the whole bridesmaid dress ordeal. It was easier to just have Dear’s only brother and his wife be the wedding party. We didn’t even have a flower girl or ring bearer. So minimalist. We found Christina’s dress at a regular dress shop. The church was decorated for Christmas already so we just added Boston ferns for the floral part that we took home and enjoyed for a few years. My oldest sister sang a duet with my best friend. Dear’s best friend played a flute solo. No one that I know of felt left out since we were all in my oldest sister’s wedding in August of that year.

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