Trusses and Thanksgiving

On Friday November 29th, Josh and Laura arrived to our country bungalow just before 1pm. Katie and Andrew had arrived on Thursday afternoon driving from the Coast. After we all had a hot bowl of Dear’s famous Tomato Rice Soup with Granny Great’s rolls we headed out to man our winches to lift the center trusses. It was very cold. This building is going to be Dear’s Shop. A place for our larger equipment and Dear’s truck and other projects.

4 people cranking to cadence set by another one of us. Slowly but surely the trusses gained height. The three of us gals took turns with our crank.

We raised the trusses up to about 10 inches shy of reaching the notches where they would rest and had to call it a day. The trusses were secured with blocks of wood and chains and and straps and we came inside to get warmed up and have a thrown together meal of pasta, ravioli, and steamed broccoli. We would wait until Saturday to do the final raising.

Saturday morning after a hot bowl of oatmeal we headed out again to lift the trusses the final 10 inches. At this point Katie noticed some fraying of one of the cables.  We halted and the guys put their heads together to fix the problem.

New cable was added and we manned our stations again to continue lifting but then…

…disaster! We didn’t notice that the cable on this side had frayed and after a fatal crank it snapped and the truss came crashing down landing on one of the splash boards. Thankfully the cable just swiped Joshua’s arm and no one was hurt. Now heads would have to come together again for a solution. The girls went inside for intervals to start work on our post Thanksgiving meal.

To lighten the mood we did a little jump roping. We did a lot of praying and asked God to give the guys a solution that would work for the trusses to be raised and secured. We also called on some prayer warriors to pray along with us. The girls went inside again for more Thanksgiving meal preparations.

We introduced Addy to the art of putting marshmallows on top of the buttered and brown sugared yams.

JJ enjoyed watching. Jamie took Addy and JJ home for their naps and would return later in the day for our Thanksgiving meal.

Did I mention it was really cold?

After hours and a double winch/cable solution from a different angle it looked like we were just about there.

The girls watched and prayed.

Hallelujah! One last adjustment and all went into place in the notches and it was now time to secure each end to the posts. That would take a while so the girls went inside to continue on our meal and get warmed up singing praises to God all the way into the house and for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Laura and Katie headed to Super 1 for some Brussels Sprouts and bacon to add to our meal and were happy for that short distraction after all the stress of the day.

The turkey came out brown and beautiful. Our meal together was one filled with more thanksgiving that you can imagine. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, candied yams, Brussels Sprouts with bacon, and Granny Great’s rolls. While Addy and JJ napped Jamie made a dairy free pumpkin pie to add to her apple pie for our dessert.

Before we ate our pie we were also grateful to be able to celebrate Laura’s upcoming birthday with a special gift from all of us. She adds so much care and love to our family and we are all thankful to God for her. Happy birthday dear Laura. You are precious to us.

This was a very long post but it represents two very long days of labor in freezing temperatures. There was joy, disaster, grief, perseverance and then ecstatic praise and relief for a final good result. We are so grateful for the help from Josh, Andrew and the girls. Gramps couldn’t have done it without us all pitching in together.

We were sad that Dan, Addy and JJ’s dad, had to miss out on this two day adventure.

Thanksgiving decor is all put away and I’m slowly bringing out the Christmas decor. Josh and Laura left on Sunday and Katie and Andrew left on Monday.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

20 thoughts on “Trusses and Thanksgiving

  1. Sure glad no one was hurt and that God took care of you all!!
    I’ve never seen trusses all go up at one time like that. We lift up one at a time and put each one in place.
    Loved the first picture of JJ. Just can’t look at the picture and not smile!!

  2. Wow – so glad you were all kept safe during that “raising”! What a feat and a Thanksgiving to remember! Bless you all as you prepare for the coming season of advent. Thanks for your sweet note today Ellen.

  3. Oh my! What an adventure! I love watching families work together to create a loving home. My husband and I never built a house from scratch but we did add on to the one we have. We did our trusses one at a time. I am so glad to know that your family came through unscathed and you were able to enjoy a meal of thanksgiving together. I would be interested in how you make a dairy free pumpkin pie. Blessings!

  4. Wowsers! Glad the trusses are back up where they belong and no one was hurt. This will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember! Great team effort! Glad you were able to feast when your work was done.

  5. So glad that it all ended well with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and everyone smiling. God is good. Will the building crew be back this weekend?

    • Vee, that building crew is 6 hours away now. If the weather is favorable at Christmas there could be so more help. If not then they are talking about coming in the Spring to help.

  6. Hello, I am glad no one was hurt and all is well with the trusses. Your Thanksgiving meal looks yummy, you are blessed with a beautiful family. Wishing you a happy day!

  7. Oh my goodness. I was holding my breath along with you all as I read this hair-raising tale! I grimaced looking at the disaster of fallen trusses . . . but mostly I was SO very thankful that no one was hurt!! Praising the Lord with you; rejoicing in His help!! To God be the glory!!

  8. That’s what I call diligent teamwork. surrounded with prayers,and lots of love, Ellen, praying for safety, and continued progress with the soon completed project!
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet thoughts,

  9. Ellen – so grateful that no one was hurt and that there was success in the end. Praise God! We have been fortunate to miss most of the really cold weather here in Montana – it seems that the temps have been at their coolest when we are traveling out of state! Your Thanksgiving meal looks and sounds absolutely delicious – no big surprise, of course, with all the qualified cooks in your family! Enjoy each day of the Advent season!

  10. Oh Ellen, this post had me very frightened. I’m so glad no one was injured in this process! It is an ingenious process that I had to share with my husband. What lovely family times you enjoyed with all of your family. It’s nice to see a family come together for Thanksgiving and for help with projects. There is much to be thankful for!

  11. “We did a lot of praying and asked God to give the guys a solution that would work for the trusses to be raised and secured. We also called on some prayer warriors to pray along with us.”

    Well, this is the right move, Jesus being a carpenter and all. 😊

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