Saturday, Bath Day

It’s fun to see our birdbath in use from time to time. Sitting in our family room I have a clear view of the birdbath through the sliding glass doors that open to our back acreage. I keep a camera handy with a long lens on it to capture moments like these.

In for a dip and then it was all in.

All washed up and ready for church tomorrow morning.

If I recall correctly, growing up we only had baths once a week on Saturday evening so we were all nice and clean for Sunday church. Every morning we’d have to wash our faces but baths were once a week. Things changed when we hit junior high and high school. When we had kids of our own it was normal to have a bath a day instead of once a week. I wonder sometimes if our little ones are too clean and not able to fight off common infections as when we were little. I remember having the diseases like measles and chicken pox but I don’t remember having lots of colds or the flu and we were never on antibiotics. I do remember having pink eye. I also had some mystery ailment (kidney infection?) that landed me in the hospital when I was in first grade and I was in recovery at home for a long enough time that I had a teacher come to our home for studies. The reason I think it might have been a kidney infection is because I had to drink a lot of water and I wasn’t allowed to have salt. My parents probably didn’t really understand what was wrong with me because they were never really able to tell me when I asked them about my mystery ailment. On the subject of communicable diseases I recall standing in a very long line with my family at the local junior high for polio vaccinations when I was elementary age. We also got smallpox vaccinations in elementary school. That smallpox vaccination was pretty primitive and left an interesting scar. Since we are on this subject of communicable, thankfully I only remember having lice once, in elementary school. Oye! My mother worked very hard to eradicate them. When I was an elementary school teacher there was an outbreak of lice and it made me squirm.

Hope you have a nice last Saturday in June! Happy Canada Day weekend to our friends to the North.


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Saturday, Bath Day

  1. I think we might have had other baths throughout the week, but definitely having a Saturday night bath in order to be ready for church was a must. I also had to wear pink sponge curlers to bed so as to have a curly hairdo!

  2. Nice pics of the bird bath, Ellen. Thanks and we’re having our long weekend for Canada Day. Let me take this time to send an early Happy July 4th to you and yours!

  3. It’s fun watching the garden birds as they eat from the feeders and sip water from the water features. They really need the drinks of water in the warm weather as well as being able to clean their feathers. I can see them from our covered area. If I go nearer they soon fly away so I keep still and quiet.

  4. The birds are delightful enjoying their bath. You captured some wonderful photos. I remember having pink eyes in the first grade. I don’t remember much these days, but I definitely remember that!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Oh my, Ellen, surely you washed more than your faces between Saturdays. You just forgot that part. ☺ Interesting speculation about communicable diseases. Not sure, but I know that I far prefer the world where people bathe more often rather than only weekly. I do remember being able to “smell” people more back in the day. Ewwww… That is a wonderful photo of the bird and birdbath. It reminds me that I have a birdbath somewhat similar somewhere in this house. I must go on a search.

  6. Sounds similar to my upbringing. A bath a week along with a hair wash. Yes we had all the dreadful illnesses like measles and chicken pox. It’s was all part of the course. I think we probably are too clean these days. Love the bird bath. B x

  7. Oh I enjoy watching the birds in the bird bath too. It seems to me that the Robins enjoy bath time the most.
    I too usually just had a Saturday night bath and hair wash for church the next day. I did have more baths in the summer though because I came home really dirty after playing outside all day.

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