All Work and No Play…

…makes Jack a Dull Boy.

We gave a lot of good energy to our back acres on Friday and Saturday morning. I am so happy to have learned about the tarp trick for gathering and moving weeds and brush!

We found new places for some of our wall art that we brought from our home in Kenmore.

As the saying applies…we are all decked out.

Birds have been flying hard into our slider and practically knock themselves unconscious. Dear helped revive one with a warm cloth as it shivered.

On Friday evening we played with Addy while her folks went out on a date.

Don’t worry they had a nice dinner before they headed to Wal-Mart.

While we were playing on the east side of the state our Coast kids were out celebrating our favorite son-in-law’s 30th birthday! They went out for German food and Axe throwing.

Looks like they played bocce ball, too.

The Birthday boy deserves one photo all by himself. He landed both those axes in the center circle, throwing them both at the same time!

The Eastsiders sent a selfie wishing Andrew a happy birthday on the Coast.

We are thinking of forming a singing group called Crowns and Axes.

This celebration on the Coast made my heart sing.

Katie, Laura, and Josh fly in Monday night to be here for BBB’s birth. Andrew will drive over on Thursday to welcome BBB. Time will tell on what or when I’ll be posting next.

In other news: Our pastor is stranded in Dallas trying to get home from Florida where he was doing some teaching. His connecting flight was cancelled and he didn’t make it home Saturday as planned. Now we hear he might not be able to get a flight until Tuesday. The weather has been the problem. Two of our Deacons had to step in last minute and deliver a message this morning for Palm Sunday. They did a good job encouraging us to spend some time this Holy week in thought and preparation for our Easter Celebration.

Are you doing anything in preparation for Easter?

One of my readings by Spurgeon hit the mark with my heart…Even in the Face of Mockery

O Jesus, “despised and rejected by men,” how could You die for men who treated You so badly? Here is amazing love, love divine, love beyond degree. We despised You in our pre-converted days, and even since our new birth we have given the world a place in our hearts, and yet You bled to heal our wounds and died to give us life. O that we could set You on a glorious high throne in all men’s hearts! We would ring out Your praises over land and sea until men would universally adore you just as they once unanimously rejected You.

Linking up with Angie for Mosaic Monday.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “All Work and No Play…

  1. Looking wonderful on the home front Ellen.. and of course all the photos of your family are sweet. I have heard people say that they apply decals or netting of some sort to prevent the little guys slamming into the glass. Most likely all kinds of suggestions online.. Do you feel like a country gal now?Or have you always been a little bit country? lol!

  2. Ellen – that’s a lot of work in your back yard! It’ll be greened up in no time, and you’ll have a terrific view from your ‘decked out’ deck. Nice! OK, I have never heard of axe throwing as a recreational activity. Whatever will they think of next! Good luck with the birth of BBB! Thanks for taking the time to link up with Mosaic Monday!

  3. One thing for sure: your family knows how to have fun on either side of the mountains!! I’m looking forward to hearing about the new baby boy!!

  4. Hello, I like your wall art. It looks pretty hanging on the back of your home. You have a beautiful family, wonderful photos. Enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  5. Axes and Crowns – love it!!! What a fun birthday celebration on the East Coast. Can’t wait to hear all about Addy’s little “bwotha” soon. So, so wonderful that you are close by – these are the days! You are going to be such a huge help to the young family!

  6. The deck looks so inviting. Now you just need some sun. Best wishes for an uneventful delivery tomorrow. So wonderful you’ll be there for the family. Addy’s world will be changed forever. She’s the special one, she made you grandparents. The best gift you could ever have. We live for our grandkids.

  7. Crowns and Axes…HA! Made me laugh out loud. Those pictures celebrating Andrew’s birthday are precious! I’m sorry I’ve not been around for a bit. I had a bit of a break for a week or so. Your deck looks super! Love the wall art there! I hope you and your hubby took advantage of that beautiful deck and rested after all of that hard labor you did on Saturday.

  8. Sweet family moments which I always love to see. Thank you for sharing them with us out here. Our son and daughter-in-law will be joining us for Easter. I wish you and yours a very happy one.

  9. You look as if you’ve been busy clearing the land, but you have a lovely deck area where you can sit and relax. Your family have been having fun. You too with Addy. We’ve had family over this week. It’s a treat to have grandchildren come by as some of them live quite a distance away. Now, as adults, they can drive to see us and bring their friends with them! We’re thankful for that and there’s nothing better than a family get-together.

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