Thoughtful Thursday

Happy Birthday to Me…

This is a side by side photo of me on my seventh birthday and me in June of 2009 when I was 58. Today is my birthday and I am 10 years older now from when the photo on the right was taken. I’ve been celebrated well and the celebrations will continue throughout today and again tomorrow. I’ve received gifts, too. Dinner out with a special dessert from our kids here in Colville. A wall plaque I’ll share at the end of the post from Josh and Laura. Katie and Andrew sent rechargeable hand warmers which will come in handy for our winters here. Birthday greetings are chiming away in the form of texts from our kids and extended family.

I’m sharing this devotional I read this morning for March 14 from Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith Daily Readings by C.H. Spurgeon. It touched my heart so…

‘As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you’ (Isaiah 66:13)

A mother’s comfort! Ah, this is tenderness itself. How she enters into her child’s grief! How she presses him to her bosom, and tries to take all his sorrow into her own heart! He can tell her all, and she will sympathize as nobody else can. Of all comforters the child loves best his mother, and even full-grown men have found it so.

Does Jehovah condescend to act the mother’s part? This is goodness indeed. We readily perceive how he is a father; but will he be as a mother also? Does not this invite us to holy familiarity, to unreserved confidence, to sacred rest? When God himself becomes ‘the Comforter’ no anguish can long abide. Let us tell out our trouble, even though sobs and sighs should become readiest utterance. He will not despise us for our tears; our mother did not. He will consider our weakness as she did, and he will put away our faults, only in a surer, safer way than our mother could do. We will not try to bear our grief alone: that would be unkind to one so gentle and so kind. Let us begin the day with our loving God, and wherefore should we not finish it in the same company, since mothers weary not of their children?

My kids know I appreciate Charles Spurgeon!

For those of you out there who are as old as I am, do you remember the song by Leslie Gore with this proclamation, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”? Well I’m changing it to…

“It’s my birthday and I’ll share what I want to, share what I want to, share what I want to. You would share too if good happened to you!”

God has been good to me all my 68 years and I bow the knee in accepting all he has done to me. Many things that did not look good on the surface have worked to draw me to Him, to the True Center. I know life is not and will not always be smooth but I know I will not be left to deal with whatever comes my way alone.

There Is A Redeemer ~ Words and Music by Melody Green

There is a Redeemer
Jesus, God’s own Son
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah
Holy One

Jesus my Redeemer
Name above all names
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah
O for sinners slain

Thank You oh my Father
For giving us Your Son
And leaving Your Spirit
Til the work on earth is done

When I stand in glory
I will see His face
And there I’ll serve my King forever
In that holy place

Thank you for all who come here to my blog and read and bear with me. I appreciate you all and I hope in some way that I can be an encouragement to you as you walk on this earth. Only because of what Christ has done…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Happy Birthday dearest Ellen. This is your party…shout it from the roof top! Love that sign!! So wonderful to be loved by God and family and friends. Those are two great pics…and you look great at 68 out snow shoeing too.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’ll be following you at 68 in May.
    Yes, I do remember that song.
    God has been good to me too. When you said ‘bow the knee’ it made me think of that hymn.

    Bow the knee; trust the heart of your Father
    when the answer goes beyond what you can see.
    Bow the knee; lift your eyes toward heaven
    and believe the One who holds eternity.
    And when you don’t understand
    the purpose of His plan,
    In the presense of the King, bow the knee.

  3. Happy birthday, Ellen. I do appreciate your blog and the encouragement it is to me. I especially feel your love for the Lord…and your family. What a legacy your mother and father left for you!

  4. Beautiful! Sorry for the late Birthday wishes, but thank you for blessing others with all of your words and pointing to Christ! God Bless you richly!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you, dear Ellen. I enjoyed your post so much. May God richly bless you in this new year.

  6. Happy birthday, Ellen. Let’s call it your birthday week! I join you in your admiration for and appreciation of Charles Spurgeon. I read his Evening by Evening devotions every night, but sometimes have to reread them in the morning to know what I’ve read. I really like the selections you have chosen for this post. Those are the cutest comparison photos of you.

  7. Happy Birthday dear Sister in the Lord! I, too, will be 68 this year in July and I have been following your blog off and on for years. I finally moved from South Dakota to Seattle and follow your blog again! I read your devotions in Bread for the Journey and appreciate so much your love of the Lord, your love of all your family and your sharing with all of us in blogland. Have a blessed and joyful year!

  8. A belated happy birthday! A touching post of what the Lord has done for you in your life. I thank Him that I can also sing that song of gratitude. Every blessing dear Ellen.

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