Mosaic Monday ~ Deer

We have a very steep slope at the back of our property and we were surprised to see these deer traversing the slope last weekend. This was the first time we’ve seen any animals on the slope. They arrived at dusk.

I had to use my long zoom lens to get the closeups.

It’s always fun to see wildlife on our property.

I’m linking up with Angie at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf for Mosaic Monday.

Our snow is melting here in Colville. We are seeing more and more of the landscape that is not covered in snow.

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12 thoughts on “Mosaic Monday ~ Deer

  1. Great shots, Ellen! Yes, deer are not afraid of the slopes…around here we see what we call “deer paths” …places where the ground is worn bare from the deer constantly crossing…and they are most often on slopes or embankments.

  2. How lovely to see the deer! I wonder if they are shy or if they will come closer to your house? As the snow melts you’ll have a new perspective again as you look out over your property.

  3. Oh wow that would be amazing to look out your window and see deer in your yard! Nothing like that here in Seattle. Your snow is melting! Spring is right around the corner, woohoo!!

  4. Lovely!! It is delightful to see wildlife in your own backyard! As I read this post, it occurred to me that you left a neighborhood and moved to the country and we left the country and moved to a neighborhood. I miss seeing deer in our back field. (But it was still a good move for us, so no complaints!)

  5. Our snow is melting too, although it seems we are to get another dumping of snow to arrive tonight! But, with the warmer temps next week into the 50s, it should go pretty quick, and probably turn into a mudhole and river! I loved seeing your deer out on your property, aren’t they fun to watch!

  6. Ellen – how interesting that the deer would choose new pathways at this time of year. As Dianna mentions above, they have typical routes that are very obvious in the snow … maybe they know something we don’t! Thanks for sharing your collages with Mosaic Monday, and I am wishing you warm and sunny days ahead!

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