New Toys…

We wrapped Addy’s gift with a plastic table cloth. She noticed something different in the family room.

Baba and Gramps bought Addy a pony and Laura captured Addy’s curiosity about what was under the wrapping.

Uncle Josh and Auntie Laura bought Addy a mini trampoline.

Mommy and Daddy bought Addy a four wheeler and a helmet! It is good to learn country skills early.

On Wednesday the 2nd of January I worked on packing up Christmas and re-organizing our storage area. Things look so bare now. I wonder if Addy will notice all the bling put away? We are being warned of some new winter weather coming in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I’ve been patting myself on the back for getting out there and driving on the winter roads here. Hope 2019 is starting out well for you!

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14 thoughts on “New Toys…

  1. Lots of weather here and the second storm of the week is upon us. Given your roads, I am very impressed that you are driving on them. I never drive in stormy weather. Appointments are canceled, plans are postponed, not gonna do it, wouldn’t be wise, wouldn’t be prudent. 🥴

    Love the series of photos about Addy’s wondering. She certainly seems to know what to do with all her things. She has everything a country gal could need!


  2. The horse brought back memories. My in laws gave a spring horse to our oldest one Christmas at Addys age. It was well used. Fun gifts.

  3. Loved being able to watch Addy’s curiosity being satisfied as she eventually found out what was under that plastic tablecloth. SO cute! And I love it that she already has her own four-wheeler. 🙂

  4. Oh my Addy received some wonderful presents. Love her expressions.
    Brings back memories when my kids were little. : )

  5. When we lived in Spokane I had to drive my minivan to the grocery store slipping and sliding all the way. I spent a lot of time by the fire!
    I love it that Addy received so many active gifts. I like yours best! Our Brad loved Cheyenne the Wonder Horse!

  6. Aw what fun for you and Addy!!! She is such a sweetheart! I love this age and the next one is pretty special too! Keep enjoying!

  7. My parents bought a spring horse for a Christmas gift for my oldest when she was 2! It was quite the hit . . . and it seems like just a few years ago . . .

    It will be fun to watch Addy play with these goodies!

  8. A riding horse like that is perfect! I remember how excited my parents were when they got their fist granddaughter one as a toddler. She was excited too!

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