Christmas in the 60’s

Christmases at 305 Los Angeles Avenue in Montebello, California.

The eight surviving Bagdanov kids. I’m the one in yellow, youngest of the first 5 (our oldest sister died in Iran when she was 2). My parents had four more children after me. The two youngest amongst us are twins.

Me with my two older sisters.

Our brother Fred is missing from this photo. Can’t remember why. Oops…just realized this one is probably Easter, not Christmas.

Christmas morning at our little babushka’s apartment a few doors down from the Russian Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Nadia and Moisi, our dear parents. This will be our first Christmas without both our parents.

Hope all is merry and bright in your corner of the world.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Christmas in the 60’s

  1. Love this post. The fashions bring back so many memories of my years in the 60’s. I graduated in 1963. I also came from a large family–5 girls and two boys of which I am the oldest. Your sister Lana reminds me so much of my youngest sister. There’s 15 years between us. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas, Ellen.

  2. Okay I was really enjoying this post and then I read the last comments and the tears started flowing. Love you and miss Mom and Pop.

  3. THIS is how I so fondly remember Christmas!!!!!! We would get dressed up and there was tinsel and the house smelled wonderful and we’d go to midnight Mass…it was absolute magic!!! Oh, how I miss that!!!

  4. These pictures are so precious Ellen! It takes me back to very similar memories of our family’s Christmas. We were 8 as well with one brother who died in infancy. I miss my parents every day and have so many fond memories!

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