Thanksgiving Past Mosaics

We had an early Thanksgiving this year when all of our kids were on this side of the mountains in October for our annual family hunting adventure. This Thanksgiving Day Dear and I will lay low. On the day after Thanksgiving we will try deep frying a turkey and have some fixins to go with it with our Eastern Washington kids. Our Canadian neighbors celebrated Thanksgiving early in October. What are the rest of you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Guess what? We mailed out our Christmas cards and letter already including a Thanksgiving greeting since we needed to send along our new address to family and friends. I hope no one minds getting a Christmas greeting just before Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to have that behind me now.

Linking up with Angie from Letting Go of the Bayleaf for Mosaic Monday. Thank you Angie.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Past Mosaics

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Ellen from your Canadian neighbour! I remember what beautiful setting, and food, you’ve prepared for your family on this special occasion. Enjoy your family time together! 🙂

  2. Ellen – I am jealous you have already mailed out your Christmas cards … but it makes total sense! I loved seeing your table setting; it has given me some ideas for our gathering this week. We are welcoming the ‘orphans’ in our neighborhood – we’ll have 10 total at the table, and everyone is chipping in, which reduces the amount of effort for my hubby! I love a holiday gathering!! Thanks for sharing your family traditions with Mosaic Monday!

  3. Hello, your past Thanksgivings look wonderful. My family is split up this Thanksgiving, all going different places.
    We will have a small group here. I can not imagine already having my Christmas cards mailed. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  4. Way to go on getting those Christmas cards out. It’s all coming too fast for me. I actually made a turkey dinner yesterday for my husbands 67th birthday. That’s because this year we are going to our sons house for dinner and I only need to make two dishes. We will also be having a fried turkey. I’ve never had one before. Your table settings, decorations and food looks wonderful.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. The mosaics are lovely and a great way to celebrate the beautiful memories. Early Thanksgivings are fun!! It’s not about the exact date after all. Even before we started traveling but after our kids were grown we started a tradition of hosting a big family celebration only every other year, leaving them free to go to the other family or just do their own thing on the alternate year. I never did like it when the older generation insisted that their children celebrate every holiday with them no matter what. That being said though I am happy to be near family this year! We’ve enjoyed one early TG already because of grandkids schedules and we will have another one on Thursday with those who can (but the younger generations are hosting now).

  6. Loved these beautiful table settings and lovely smiling faces of your family. I have received my first Christmas Card. It arrived a week ago from a dear friend. I am always happy to get the early ones. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your sweet family Ellen.

  7. So nice to see all the pretty tables and family gathered around. We’re going to my daughter’s house this year. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Ellen.

  8. Once I get off the computer this afternoon, I’ll be hanging the first of Christmas ornaments, which since they’ll be high up may stay for far longer than Christmas. Your mosaic photos are delightful. Usually the Husband and I like to stay low on holidays, this year, though, we’ll venture out and join friends. Peace and joy to you.

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