Farewell October…

We took a drive yesterday to a taxidermist in the back country. I’ll be sharing a post about Larch Trees that we saw on those back roads soon.

Today we are wondering if we will have any trick or treaters at our Country Bungalow. Time will tell. We do know that one little girl will stop by with her parents sometime in the evening. Do you get many costumed cuties at your front door?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Farewell October…

  1. I just had a cute little “Skye” from paw patrol stop by for lunch!!! Her little brother looked pretty cute too. Oh what fun. Not sure there will be any other goblins stopping by though. Happy Halloween Ellen.

  2. Unfortunately the answer is no. We live in a condo complex ,with no children. I do make my rounds to see the younger grandchildren in their costumes before they head out trick n treating.

  3. We are in a rural area so we don’t get any trick-or- treaters. Their parents drive them into town and park so they hit many houses. It’s sad, actually because I buy candy every year and no one ever comes. I imagine when we ha e grandchildren it may be different.😃

  4. Ellen – we are so far out that the kids go into town for trick-or-treating … I miss seeing the little ones in their costumes! So we took candy to the kids in our neighborhood in the days leading up to Halloween – only 11 of them in the area!!!

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