Moving Notes…

One of the challenges of our move was this Chickering Baby Grand Piano that we have had in an airtight coffin in our old garage/shop structure for 20 years. We moved it with us because of our daughter’s memories associated with it of her and her “Gommy” (paternal grandmother). Dear’s mother was musically inclined and she taught our Katie on the piano in her early years. We loaded it into the container in Kenmore with 5+ and it was a struggle. It was the last thing left in the container here in Colville and our Colville son recruited 3 of his co-workers to help unload it on Tuesday evening. Dear researched the best way to deal with a Baby Grand and we were so happy to see it in it’s place with little struggle. So thankful for our son’s willing helpers and their strength to move this beast into our living room. We are also very thankful that our new living room has adequate space for this heirloom piece. Now all we need to do is to find a piano tuner in our little community.

We continue to unload boxes and find the best places for our many possessions. We take our cardboard to the community recycling center and we will be taking our garbage and other waste to the dump. It’s a whole new way of life for us here in the country and in a smaller community that we’ve ever lived in. Dear has changed out many lights in our new place and that has brought so much more efficient light into our home. I am so thankful for my Dear and all his handy man skills. Today I did some watering in our greenhouse and picked some tomatoes and in another garden bed picked some corn. I am not a gardener in any sense but hopefully I’ll learn some new skills or entice our daughter in law to use her amazing gardening skills here at our new spot. I need to come up with a name for this new home. Time will tell. Soon with all the boxes unloaded and broken down and hauled away I’ll be able to sit and enjoy the views and enjoy your posts. Although uploading and creating posts with satellite connections are slower I will be able to persevere and continue on. Thank you for bearing with me.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Moving Notes…

  1. Glad things are going well and you now have space for that piano. Nearly home myself and catching up with blogs while I wait for my final plane home. Good luck with the garden. B x

  2. Moving is indeed a chore…but it is also fun. Good luck in getting everything just the way you want it. I also found, when we moved out of our home of over 40 years into the Summer House, some of the things I had just didn’t seem to fit. I had plenty of room for most of my furniture…it was more the little things. The Summer House is much newer and more modern and it took awhile for me to “get to know” this new abode. I have it just about how I like it now. But as you know…decorating our homes is never totally DONE…

  3. so glad you are able to have the piano in your home. Now we need to plan a trip when Dave and Kristin can come up and have them do a concert!!

  4. So, we both have piano stories! I contacted our church musical director to get a recommendation for a piano tuner. But it might be a few months until he has enough business in this area to make sense for him to come out!

  5. Read and enjoyed both “piano posts” so much. I’m glad you’ (and Addie) are able to love it for now while you wait for your daughter to have the right home for it. Loved the new and old pictures with the family and the piano.

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