Weekend Roundup “I”

Weekend Roundup “I”~  Starts with “I.”  A Favorite.  Inside.

1. Starts with “I”.

Iwo Jima starts with I. The anniversary of the Flag raising at Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima is on February 23rd. I visited the monument in D.C. in 1970 for the first time. I was nineteen in this photo.

img316-0012. A favorite: Our day in St. Ives, England in September of 2013 with our oldest and his wife.

2013-09-18 St6As I was going to Saint Ives,
I crossed the path of seven wives.
Every wife had seven sacks,
Every sack had seven cats,
Every cat had seven kittens,
Kittens, cats, sacks, wives,
How many were going to Saint Ives?

2013-09-18 St4

St. Ives sunny 0263. Inside:

Inside the heart of our home, the kitchen. Lots of activity happens around the kitchen Island.

Next weeks prompts: Starts with “J.”  A Favorite.  Joy.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for Weekend Roundup.

Even though we had rain through our sleep hours the day dawned with no more sprinkles. Happy to run several errands without the need of a rain coat and all accomplished by the early afternoon. This weekend there are two events that are out of the ordinary and that I’m looking forward to. What are you looking forward to?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup “I”

  1. I enjoyed your post…especially the island in your kitchen. I also enjoyed seeing all of the daffodils in the previous post. Isn’t yellow such a glorious color?

  2. Your kitchen is so put-together. The fresh colors are so bright – I can see why it would be a popular gathering place.

    We are visiting our log house tomorrow to put together the ‘punch list’ of final items to be completed by the general contractor (exciting!) We have also invited a few of our neighbors over to the log house for snacks and a drink – to celebrate ‘almost being done’!

  3. I can imagine gathering around your island for cooking or chatter!
    What am I looking forward to this weekend? It is going to be low key which is a delight after a season of much busyness!

  4. I’m looking forward to being back in my own kitchen to do some home cooking after a month in Mexico. I did cook there but it’s not the same without your staples.

  5. Ellen, thank you. I didn’t realize that St. Ives was in Cornwall. We’ve been close but not there. Also have missed northeast U.K. but otherwise have been all over Scotland, England other parts, Isle of Man, and most of Wales and Ireland. But not to North Ireland. We aren’t sure if we ever will return.

  6. Hi Ellen,
    I love your photos this week. Your kitchen is gorgeous, but my favorite this week is the photo of you at Iwo Jima. I think, I was in the 9th grade the first time I visited here. And, I also turned 19 in 1970 🙂

  7. What a lovely colour in your kitchen – very warm and inviting. The pictures from St. Ives are beautiful – what a beautiful day to be there.

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