Successful Journey

On the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday we traveled inland from Huntington Beach to see my pop. This would be the first time Pop would meet Addy, his youngest great granddaughter. Addy was very concerned about our pop who is not looking well. She had quite a grip on her daddy’s t-shirt.

She loosened up that grip to accept the cash her Great Grandfather pulled out of his wallet for her. Too funny.

She even had a slight smile for him when he handed her the second bill.

After the meeting she enjoyed multi-tasking, walking and holding the ball.

Pop had to spend 20 minutes on his Nebulizer. Addy was very interested in what was going on and her concern showed in her facial expressions. All my sisters were together for this visit, too, which was nice. We enjoyed some Borsch together and Addy liked her first taste of it, too.

My Pop thanked me again for this chair Dear and I bought him. The power control to move the chair to the recline and other positions has really come in handy for him. Before we left each of us daughters prayed for him and then we all sang Great is Thy Faithfulness and God be With You Till We Meet Again. That made me choke up but I’m glad to sing it to him while he’s still alive instead of just at his funeral.

From our time in La Habra with our pop/grandfather (dzeda), Great Grandfather, we headed back to Huntington Beach and met up with Debbee and Lenny for dinner at Ola’s. The next morning we flew home to Washington. Our trip to Southern California was full from beginning to end and little Addy adjusted well to everything thrown at her. Speaking of driving in Southern California, I’m happy to report that we had smooth sailing for each of our comings and goings. That’s a praise for sure!

The four of us sat together going to California and coming home and I was happy to enjoy more time with Addy and giving her parents some breaks in the journey. We parted in Seattle and their trip continued on to Spokane where they would have another hour drive to get all the way home again.

We have had some sunshine which has been great the last couple of days. Some much needed planter clean out has happened and I’m grateful to have been able to accomplish those tasks in that sunshine!

As I type away I’m enjoying the Winter Olympics in the background. Are you watching?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Successful Journey

  1. What a beautiful trip. I’m sorry Addy’s great grandpa is not feeling well! I’ll say a prayer for comfort and peace! I’m glad she smiled sweetly at him!

  2. What a lovely post about this sweet family gathering. Addy is adorable!

    I love that you sang to your dear Pop. That was a blessing for you and him.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  3. Ellen, I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I was as I read over your last couple of entries that I missed. How wonderful that Addy was able to meet her great-grandfather. I had to chuckle at how she gave up her tight grip on her dad’s shirt so she could accept Pop’s money! We had the same thing happen with our youngest granddaughter and my father-in-law when she was a little older than Addy. And in the post, you shared when you and your sisters each prayed over your pop and then sang those two hymns I couldn’t hold back the tears. It is so wonderful when all the family is Chrisitan. Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Praying for your dear dad Ellen. what a special time you and the family had with him. Also wonderful to have the pictures of little Addy with him. I’m sure he’s like Roger’s grandfather was – ready to go home and be with Jesus and to see your dear mom again. It will be sad for you all but glorious for him. Sending love, Kathie xx

  5. Dear Ellen:
    You are so blessed with this wonderful heritage and family time. I think that was so lovely how you all sang those hymns together. What a special time this was for him to see little great granddaughter.

  6. Addy just gets cuter and cuter. Love her hairdo. : )
    No, not watching the Olympics. Without having television I didn’t even know they were going on!!

  7. Addy’s looks of concern and empathy for your dear Pop just melted my heart Ellen! Such a beautiful thing to sing over him and pray over him – you are a true testament to the love of Christ and an inspiration! Have a wonderful week!

  8. So sorry you’re Dad is not feeling well. The little thing with the cash with him and Addie did make me laugh out loud. A fun memory story that will be to tell her and you have the pics to prove it.

  9. Grandfathers and great-grandfathers always have an ace (or two) up their sleeves. What a great strategy to give her not one but two bills! I am sure that he would have liked nothing better than to get down on the floor and play ball with her …

    Kids that are good travelers are to be treasured – I find it is 95% preparation on the part of the parents in having plenty of things to keep the child entertained!

    We have been watching the Olympics – ice skating is by far my favorite sport!

  10. This is a sweet post you will go back to time and again to see your dad with your grandchlld. I love that even now he found a way for her to warm up to him. How he would have loved to be well and to play with her. May she always know the blessing he has given her.

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