Weekend Roundup “F”

1. Starts with “F.”
2. A Favorite.
3. Flower.

1.This is our Father with me and my sisters. We call him Pop. His health is failing fast. His future is secure, even more secure in death. His heavenly Father has prepared a place for him. He is ready to go and be with his heavenly Father. We are very thankful for a faithful father. Youngest to oldest, Lana, Ellen, Vera, Kathy, and Pop. Pop is 94 years old and could be 95 in May. He has four sons, too, my brothers who weren’t with us this day.

2. A favorite and a first. Addy felt Pacific beach sand for the first time on her bare foot at Huntington Beach, California.

3. A flower. One of my favorites, the hellebore, Lenten Rose. It always surprises me when it blooms in late January or early February just in time for Lent.

And a parting shot:

Family fun at Ola’s in Huntington Beach. Full of good food and fun.

Linking up with Tom for The Weekend Roundup “F”.

Next weeks prompts Starts with “G.”  A Favorite.  Green.
About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup “F”

  1. Aw – such special times with family!!! Your lenten rose is beautiful. I planted one in the Fall so we’ll see if it blooms this Spring (currently under 12 inches of snow!). Happy weekend to you.

  2. And, “Five Faces” too! Such a lovely post, Ellen. Your family is blessed to have each other. My dad passed away a year ago at 91, he had a wonderful life. Your father looks quite happy in the photo, and so fortunate to have his girls near him. Treasure these times together.

  3. You chose some great words to represent “F”. Love that your Father, Pop, got to be surrounded by the faces of his daughters!

  4. That shot with your Pop and his four girls is one you will treasure for a long time. We lost my Dad very suddenly 20 years ago, and not having the chance to say good-bye is one of my deepest regrets. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Lovely family photo of you and your sisters with your Pop. Prayers for him for peace and love as he awaits his savior. I love the themed posts, great f photos and of Addy and her parents at the beach.😁💕

  6. That’s a nice Pop and Dayghter.picture. Thank you for posting it. I wish him and you ladies well, I have prayed for him and you guys. 95 is a long time, my Dad lived to be 97 but his last two years and were hard. But he was pretty well out of things and took it well. Thank you also for showing The LENTEN Rose. Our younger daughter’s FIL raises roses and has patented some of his hybrids. I sent him your photo asking if he was familiar with it and did he have one.

  7. Loved the family photos Ellen, especially the one of you and your sisters with your Pop! I too am so thankful for that blessed hope of an eternal home. Thoughts and prayers for your Pop as he continues his journey!

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