Grey and Weathered Barns

These photos were taken on December 11th on our way to La Conner for an overnight. We drove some back roads from Conway to Skagit City. Skagit Valley is known for their Tulip Festival and Daffodils, too. Next time I’ll share the red barns.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Barn Collective.

We’ve been so happy to have two sunny days in a row here in Western Washington. Today I enjoyed a walk along the Burke Gilman Trail with my friend Beth after church. This week I’ve been getting out between rain showers to continue pruning our apple tree. I can only do a little at a time, just as much as my neck can take. It’s a looking up kind of job. It was nice to do the pruning in the sunshine yesterday and today. In the photo above the branches that are growing straight up still need to be cut.

The work on our master bath continues with forward progress but we are still weeks away from completion. We’ve picked the tile for the shower and all the fixtures. We also have the flooring chosen. The electrical is done. What’s going on at your house?

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21 thoughts on “Grey and Weathered Barns

  1. Interesting and unique barns – I love them all! So excited for you to be getting your bathroom renovations well on their way. Over here, not too much happening! Had a belated Christmas dinner and day of fun today. No way we’d be pruning anything around here – it’s SOOO cold – longing for Spring.

  2. Hello, sounds like you will have a new house when all the work is done. I love the barns. I wihs it was warmer here for the outdoor walks. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Old barns are a favorite of mine , Ellen, it might be that as a child my sisters and I spent many days playing in the loft of my grandparent”s barn. The gray ones are so nice.
    Be careful while trimming the apple tree, it is that time again, isn’t it.
    Than you for visiting and for your sweet comment.

  4. You sure chose some beauties to show us this time…these would all win a beauty contest…could not pick a favorite if my life depended on it.

    I used to work a SMALL apple orchard…had about 2000 trees…I always had two feelings when I was pruning. At one moment I might feel like I was a barber at work…the rest of the time I felt like an artist. LOL

  5. Your barn pictures are good. I love barns, too, especially the red ones. I see you plan to write a blog with red barns soon. My sister married a farmer 42 years ago, and although they no longer farm, this city girl learned a lot of interesting things whenever I got to visit that barn.

  6. I’m loving the gray barns — I cleaned our little house today, including three ceiling fans — so I can empathize with how your neck feels from looking up… another one of those jobs that really can’t be done any comfortable way. But at least you will have apples!!!

    I’m glad you got a weather break! Those days help so much in the PNW!! reminds me that after I retired (but before we sold out to travel) sun breaks seemed like little miracles to me … I could actually go outside and walk or garden even if they happened between 8 and 5. Of course now …..

  7. Ellen – these barns are terrific specimens – we just don’t see structures like that in this part of Montana. Today we took a quick trip to the log house to drop off our bar fridge, and then ‘frittered’ away the afternoon of blue skies on the ski slopes!

  8. I love the quintessential red barn, but I certainly like the gray ones you’ve shared, especially the one in the third photo.

    Does the success of the kitchen remodel encourage you with the master bathroom updates? Remodeling is such slow and painstaking work . . . it’s nice to have a successful project to spur you on!

    Yay for two sunny days!

    • Master bath is a lot slower than the kitchen because it was a total gut. We do see what the footprint will look like. It is nice to have the kitchen behind us…

  9. At my house Christmas is finally packed away and the house looks so empty. I love the barns. I have a whole Pinterest board on barns. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  10. That is such a lot of work to trim up an apple tree! And so exciting to be getting closer to finishing up your remodel in your home. I just love these old barns, such beauty in them. Blessings to you today 🙂

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