The Prince of Peace Is Come ~ Hymn

The Prince of Peace Is Come

The Prince of Peace is come,
Ye nations shout and sing;
Let men and angels join their songs,
To hail this glorious King.

He takes the servant’s form;
He lays His glory by;
His heavenly Father’s bosom leaves,
And throne of majesty.

Light of the world He comes,
The blind receive their sight;
The mind now feels His gladdening ray,
And all within is light.

Physician blest He came,
And well employs His art;
With ease He makes the bruisèd whole,
And heals the broken heart.

His tears, His sighs and pains
Ease to the wounded give;
The kind physician dies to make
The dying patients live.

The great Redeemer comes,
And sounds a jubilee:
He burst the prison doors, and bids
The captive souls go free.

Evangelist divine,
He makes the Gospel known;
The poor the joyful tidings hear,
And their great prophet own.

Whilst gracious God I hear
Thy Gospel’s joyful sound,
May my glad heart, my tongue, my life,
Be all obedience found.

Words: John Needham, 1768.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “The Prince of Peace Is Come ~ Hymn

  1. A beautiful hymn, Ellen, such a redemptive message.I am so thankful He came and gave me so much hope.
    I read your previous posts,Miss Addy is really growing, and I like that her mother makes her own baby food, so manny additives in processed foods.
    I am also happy your new kitchen is progressing so well, I can relate to the coming down to the wire for completion when we built our home we almost didn’t make it before Christmas Day, and that was the year all of the kids came for a visit, needless to say it was sparse, but one of the best we ever had.
    I am sorry I didn’t get by for your Hodgepodge post, we have been so busy, our ewes are begining to lamb, and I wanted to have the decorations up by Dec. 1st. Happy to say they are all completed.
    have a blessed Sunday.

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