Lovely, lovely October

Ere, in the northern gale,
The summer tresses of the trees are gone,
The woods of Autumn, all around our vale,
Have put their glory on.

~ William Cullen Bryant

Hoping to see more views like this one above soon. Our family and friends who had to evacuate their homes are back now safe and sound and they did not have any damage just a lot of smoky air. I’ll be sporadic on the internet the next several days. Cheers!

14 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. So glad that you did not have to evacuate. It has been a challenging time for your corner and points all around you. Very glad that your friends and family have been able to return to their homes.

    • Hello Vee, I didn’t make it too clear that our family and friends who had to evacuate are in Southern California (Anaheim Hills). We haven’t had that kind of fire challenge in the burbs of Seattle.

  2. Beautiful Autumn photos, Ellen, I am so happy your family and friends are safe, many thoughts and prayers for California. Enjoy your break.

  3. So thankful your friends are okay in California, what a terrible time of fires that has been for them! Have fun this weekend with your granddaughter, and I hope you get to see some amazing views along the way! The picture with the rainbow is stunning, wow!

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