From California With Love…

For the last 5 days we have been enjoying visitors from California at our house. My oldest sister and her daughter Michelle along with Michelle’s hubby and two kids have been staying with us. On Sunday we gathered at Josh and Laura’s for a birthday celebration for their Aunt Lana, my sister. Three out of the four original sisters were able to enjoy this time together. Our oldest sister, Kathy, on the left was born in Iran. Lana and I were born in California. Kathy and her family have been caring for our dear old pop. He’s getting a little lonely since she’s been gone but Kathy’s husband and her other daughter are keeping a close eye on him. I hope it’s a nice break for Kathy.

Sisters, Aunts, Mothers, Nieces, Daughters…

The current batch of Californians visiting and celebrating with most of the Washingtonians.

The weather was just right for an outdoor event.

During the visit Pandemics were halted and the world was saved by different groups of players in different locations. There were fairy worlds to discover by others.

On Monday some of the ladies headed to Snohomish to do some shopping along First Avenue. Since we only managed to hit about 1/16th of what this shopping district had to offer a return trip in the future is on the to do list.

The youngest among us on this family visit enjoyed using the fruit picker to help Great Auntie out by picking a small fraction of our apples.  Our white hydrangea has some huge blooms as you can see with Avery standing next to it.

This extended family photo from our nephew Joe and Hannah’s wedding just popped up on facebook. In this photo from my side of the family there are 11 Washingtonians, 4 Texans and the rest are Californians. This wedding was in January just north of Santa Barbara, California. It’s nice to have visits from our family a fraction at a time. We have another small fraction of family arriving on Monday!

The Pacific Northwest is bracing itself for a heat wave. It’s all the news up here. Hope you are staying cool and comfy where you are.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “From California With Love…

  1. What a great gathering — you are showing the Californians a great time … wonderful family, beautiful scenery , amazing food cooked with love — all the ingredients for a perfect time. The board game would be fun for all the other grownups in my family, but I’d be off with the littles discovering the fairy worlds (if I were given the choice)….. It is hot hot hot here in Eugene too … we usually come to Oregon in the summer to cool off from Florida, but this week our temps are rivaling or exceeding our Florida winter home.

  2. I love the fruit picker! Oh and I always smile at how cooperative your family is when it comes to taking photos! What a beautiful extended family you have.

  3. Hello, looks like a fun family reunion. I love the photo of all the women together. You have a beautiful family. I never seen a fruit picker, only human fruit pickers. Enjoy your day!

  4. That is such a beautiful family photo! I love the setting and the colors! It is not easy to get such a good shot of a large group. Your ladies’ shopping trip photo is fun too!

  5. How nice to have family visiting with you this summer! I missed what happened to your arm–I notice it is in a splint? We have been entertaining friends this month who are here from NY because their first grandchild was born in a nearby town. They have been keeping us busy!

  6. Beautiful family photos Ellen! Looks like your Californians had a great time. The wedding photo is awesome. Stay cool and enjoy your guests. Don’t work too hard.

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