Skagit Valley Wildlife Area and Fir Island Reserve

On June 17th we drove up to Skagit Valley for our first walk with the Wonder Walkers, a short term summer group from our church. The summer plan is a different walk in the Puget Sound area each Saturday until the end of August.

Dear and I had never been to this part of the Valley.

The weather cooperated with us and it ended up being a walk that we didn’t need jackets for.

I should have taken my longer camera lens and the next time we go I will. That’s a Heron on top of that bare tree.


This area borders the Skagit Bay and the Skagit River.

This is a walk we’d like to do again since our time was limited and we didn’t walk down every path.

We are about 24 hours from Summer Solstice. The sun did shine here today. I hesitated to share but I’m on another kick to drop several pounds. This time around I am not weighing myself until I see some improvement in my body profile. I was brave enough to take a photo with my phone and when things look different I’ll weigh in and go from there. That will take a while. The reality right now is just to scary for me to attach a number to by stepping on the scale. My first goal is for my jeans to be roomier. After I reach that goal I’ll set another one. Dear and I are not eating anything after 5 pm unless it’s out of our power like celebrations. We also are limiting certain treats if we don’t hit at least 4000 steps on our fitbits. We are aiming for 10,000 a day. I’m counting calories but Dear is not. You won’t hear anything else from me on this subject until I reach my goal.

Enjoy the beginning of our summer season.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Skagit Valley Wildlife Area and Fir Island Reserve

  1. Hello, this place sounds wonderful. I enjoy visiting the wildlife areas that have a good walking trail. Great bird sightings, I like the kingbird, swallow and the ducklings are sweet. Good luck with your goal. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Looser jeans is a fine goal and I like it that your rules aren’t very rule-y.
    My sister-in-law likes to walk Fir Island, too!
    Years ago my parents considered buying a nursery on Fir Island, but instead bought the house at the old country club. There are so many fine walks in the Skagit Valley, my homeland.

  3. That walk is beautiful – you live in such an amazing area of this planet! Oh, I hear you about the tight jeans – ugh! I too have started walking at least 3 times a week. So far I don’t see much improvement but I know that I need to do this!!!!! All the best.

  4. Walk looks very nice and you got some lovely pictures.
    Good luck on the weight loss. From experience I have found walking doesn’t keep you from gaining weight. I still have to watch what I eat and I too have a few pounds to shed.

    • Yep, ya gotta put fewer calories in even if you are a walker. I don’t think I can ever do enough exercise alone to lose any weight. Blessings!

  5. I enjoy walking trails – looks like you found a nice one.

    I have a Fitbit and try at least to get 5,000 in a day, and sometimes 10,000 a day on weekends, but it is tough for someone whose job has you sitting in a chair all day! I say I am tracking calories, but I keep forgetting to actually do it!

  6. Beautiful walk!

    Well you are in a tough spot with your business…food!

    I completely get not stepping on the scale. I was doing well losing weight last summer, but I couldn’t eat. Not so easy now that I can. Still, I have banned bread…snacking…no eating after supper. My jeans fit again…always good. All the best!

  7. Your walks from now until August sound like a lot of fun. So many photo opportunities.
    John and I are leaving off bread and sugar, it’s no fun!

  8. Such a beautiful and interesting walk, Ellen! Love all the different birds and the pretty flowers. I’ve always wanted to explore that area. Good for you for working so hard towards your goals! xx Karen

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