Baby + House = Love

djs-new-digsWe were happy to help Dan and Jamie celebrate their growing family and their new home with their family and friends.

2017-02-23-1st-walk-djsThis winter their area is experiencing more snow than usual. The above photos were taken from the front porch. When I visit sometime without snow on the ground I’ll be able to take more extensive photos of their property.

2017-02-26-open-house4Their new home has more open space and larger views. One great feature is their Russian Fireplace. You can see the fire glowing on the front of the fireplace. On the right side you see another glass door that can be used for baking or proofing or slow cooking. One of their open house gifts from friends was a cord of wood! Slapping my hand because I did not take a picture of the pantry which is amazing.

2017-02-27-djs-babyroom1Of course I had to show some photos of the nursery again.

2017-03-01-more-snow-colvilleMorning views out the windows at the rear of their home.

2017-03-01-more-snow-colville1Sunset views.

2017-02-26-open-house5Their new place can fit at least 45 people milling about. I got some not so great photos of the crowd while Jamie opened presents.

2017-02-26-open-house2Jamie with her mom and granny.

collages18There’s a story behind that chicken that has been passed around the family as one of “those gifts”. We think we know who is getting it next.

djs-babyroom-003Josh and Laura were able to fly over to make it to the party on Saturday and we enjoyed part of Sunday together before they flew back to Seattle. I’m glad Laura thought to have a picture taken of the four of them.

djs-babyroom-002When we return we hope the path through the garden to the chicken coop will be easier to navigate.

We are home getting things organized at this old house so that we are ready for another quick trip across the mountains to welcome Addy in person. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

14 thoughts on “Baby + House = Love

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your son and daughter-in-law’s home. I love all of the open space and that beautiful Russian fireplace. Your daughter-in-law is glowing in her soon to be mommy stage of life. They have a beautiful home and piece of property.

  2. What exciting times for the family. They have a beautiful home to welcome baby home to. Counting the days now till you meet Addy and share her with us.

  3. Your daughter-in-law is glowing…she looks so lovely. What a nice home…perfect for raising a family! Gorgeous views, too. What a supportive family to have a brother and sister-in-law who fly in special. Not too much longer now…

  4. What a terrific home they have – I love the layout. Isn’t it fun to see how your kids put their own stamp on their home?

  5. Oh there is nothing more exciting that expecting a wee one. Best wishes for a happy birth day. I so enjoyed your most recent post on the birds. I had no idea the wood duck had such glorious hidden coloring.

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