Barns in Snow






We are spending some time in Northeastern Washington with some significant snow still on the ground. We are helping our kids get more settled in their new home before their baby, our first grandchild arrives in March. Many things look great with a snow backdrop.

Linking up to the Barn Collective with Tom The Backroads Traveler. Just want to show Tom what he’s missing while he’s basking in the sun in Hawaii!

14 thoughts on “Barns in Snow

  1. Ellen, there aren’t many barns here on sunny Maui. You sure can up with a nice selection. The third one looks like a homing development is springing up around it. I can understand your excitement with your Grandchild coming, we 5 from 4 to 15 years old. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see again sometime.

  2. Love the winter barn views (another wavy one! šŸ™‚ ) Hope your kids get settled in to their new home and are ready for the new baby when it comes. I know how excited you must be!

  3. Hello Ellen,
    I haven’t done much blog reading (or posting) the last several days, so while I was here for a visit I viewed the posts I’ve missed. I’m glad you had a safe trip to Washington. That is still some considerable snow accumulation you have there. I enjoyed the walk with you and Rayana and seeing the different views from the area around where your daughter and son-in-law live. Beautiful country…and I especially enjoyed the barn posts from today. I always enjoy old barns, as I raised on a dairy farm. I also enjoyed the hymn that you posted the lyrics to in yesterday’s post.

    Enjoy your stay!

  4. So many stories there ! (But too cold to do any investigating. I would have had to take those pictures from inside a warm car — it looks like you got out in the snow to get these great pictures — thanks for sharing!)

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