Zestful and Zany 2016

Zestful: full of energy and enthusiasm. Here are some zestful captures in 2016.

There are also some zany moments. Zany: amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic.

pictures dj15Dan and Jamie have birthdays one day apart in January. Here’s their Happy Birthday Cookie Pizza.

2016-01-16 Josh 2016Our boys have birthdays 3 days apart in January. We were able to celebrate Josh since he lives on our side of the state.

Eleanor 2My pop holding his youngest great granddaughter for the first time in 2016. She was born Christmas Eve 2015.

12801376_10207490791500845_3603949523279273893_nSister weekend Selfies.

12797850_844294819033073_347721827_nDaughter Selfies.

easter 2016 002Easter Egg Hunt!

kulich-16Praying over our dough so it will rise!

easter 2016 060

van 2 035

13061943_10209470854876562_4327377309614113889_n-001Met up with my brother’s family in Austin Texas at the end of April. They live in Dallas and I drove from San Antonio.

HolsteinsTogether with my brother and sister in June in Southern California.



pop f.d.'16My siblings having some fun with our sleeping pop.


Canada new book launch 086The Mennonite Girls having some fun with our newly published book.

kids weekend 022

memorial 036

14317439_10210161594261007_2186919252756866346_nOur 93 year old Pop getting his turn to hit the pinata at his great granddaughter birthday party.



15442312_10211344817842114_7566032109614302110_nZestful Sounders MLS Cup win in Toronto, Canada.


15726430_10211703331807090_3701693253863052823_nOur zany daughter on Christmas morning in her onezie.

2016-12-09-decor-snowWe are already at the letter Z for ABC Wednesday. Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her team for keeping us going all these years. Joy to my ABC Wednesday friends!

Onward and upward into 2017 we go. Today we woke up to cold temperatures for the Puget Sound area, 15! We aren’t suppose to get up over 30 degrees today. Brrr. I guess we’ll wait to prune our fruit trees till the days warm up next week. Hope your year is starting well.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Zestful and Zany 2016

  1. That is cold. It was 40°F here and rainy. You had a fun year. Love seeing your family photos. You and your brother certainly look as if you are related. I had forgotten about your sons being January boys and I had also forgotten that Dan and Jamie’s birthdays are so close.

  2. Looks like you have a lovely, fun-loving family. Thanks for sharing the photos – it was wonderful. And Happy New Year, Ellen!

    PS: It’s ccccold up here, too. Very unusual weather for this part of Canada. it was minus 8 celcius when I got up this morning. What’s that in Fahrenheit? Hang on…I’ll check. Okay it’s 17.6 Fahrenheit. So close to your temperature.

    abcw team

  3. What a wonderful Zestful Zippy Zany family you have Ellen,
    It’s little wonder that you Pa ha reached such a grand age
    having such a fun loving family around him.
    Glad to see the Memomite Girls have another cook book
    out, I must check it out on Amazon,
    Every good wish for you and all you family and friends for
    Love Di.
    ABCW team.

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